Friday, January 27, 2012

A year ago...

1 year ago, i was sitting at my computer on Facebook in my computer room and posted a picture of a hot young blond with a funky haircut and asked my Facebook friends if they thought it would be a good look for me.  Positive responses came in letting me know to go for it.  Then i noticed someone i did not know clicked the 'LIKE' button.  i was curious who this person was and which friend we had in common, so i took a peek and saw that the friend was someone i knew from an online game i had played for a long time.  This girl was a very nice girl, married with a young daughter.  Feeling feisty that day, i decided to send this guy a message, letting him know that the picture he clicked on was not me, but a hot young chick who had a haircut i was considering and that i could be her mother!  The man (W) informed me that he was well aware of this fact...and also mentioned that he took a look at my pictures and found me to be attractive too.

The 1st few days, we Facebook messaged, then spoke, then landed on skype that same week.  One day i told Him i felt like a sexy little school girl around him and purred.  From that day forward, He called me 'kitten."  He immediately recognized that i was submissive...i did not know much about the D/s world (i learned about it from a friend just a few months earlier and was intrigued, but not enough to do anything about it).  Still in the 1st week of meeting, He became my Dom and i, His sub - just like that and things really started to get interesting! *giggles*

Two months of skyping every night for hours, celebrating His birthday in January and Valentines Day in February, training me as His submissive, it was decided He would come to visit me from Canada.  A few days prior to His arrival, i found the perfect apartment and my dogs and i moved in just in time for His visit.  The first time i saw Him in Gawd He is so beautiful.  How could it be that He was even more gorgeous in person than on skype...i felt weak as He approached me in the airport, cupped my face in His hands and kissed me for what seemed like an eternity (during the kiss, one hand moved to my hair and tugged and it was all over from there...

Here W/we are, 1 year later and incredibly happy together.  W/we look forward to sharing every day with each other and are sooo excited about closing the gap on O/our distance within this year.  The memories that W/we have created should be written as a novel, for it is truly a love story that is totally extraordinary.

Happy Anniversary, Sir!

XxXOoO--Your kitten


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