Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Today, 2 Years ago, You claimed me as Your kitten.  A beautiful and meaningful ceremony, united with Our blood, began Our journey as Dominant and submissive.  It had been 6 months since We first met, so aside from being collared and owned, Our love as Man and woman had blossomed into an unexpected lifetime love affair.  No matter how much distance separated Us, nothing stood in the way of Our connection that kept deepening as time passed.  My life has given me a Love i couldn’t even have dreamed of…

Today, 1 year ago, You took me as Your wife.  Almost a year had passed since You collared me when the stars aligned and the path was cleared for me to join You in Canada.  Not much time passed before You proposed to me and soon after, A small but wonderful wedding sealed Us as Husband and wife.  You have taken care of me in every way and together, We have paved a road of abundant happiness.  Our life has given Us a love that has been blessed with all the right ingredients.

Today, I resubmit to You as Your devoted submissive.

Today, I renew my vow to You as Your loving wife.

Today, I thank the stars above for all the good and bad that have taken place in both Our lives that made it possible for Us to find each other. 

Happy Anniversaries, Master!

Your eternal love,


Friday, July 19, 2013


In my early 40’s, I began to look at life differently.  I started to look for quality versus quantity.  I took a good look at the balance of my life and found it to be off-balance.  I merely existed in a doomed marriage, afraid to see what life would be like on the other side, but inevitably I started dreaming of the day I would break free and stop existing and truly live. 

Finally, after years of emotional-self-torture, I asked my then-husband for a divorce.  He moved into the 3rd bedroom of the house I owned, along with his computer, which was in the room my computer was in.  That was the start of my feeling free to find myself again.  I came and went when I wanted, without a word to him or anyone (as did he).  I renewed my Buddhist practice and attended meetings where I participated and was engaged and present, communicated more with my family and friends, went to the movies, ate dinner at my favorite restaurants and started looking for an apartment.

I then began to separate everything into two categories: ‘Needs’ versus ‘Wants’ and tried my best to avoid wants and go straight to what I needed.

It took some time, but eventually I began to know myself.  Who was i?  What do I like?  What do I want out of life?  I had all but given up on having a long-term relationship and I was perfectly fine with that notion. I had my 2 dogs (Westies: Angelo: 13 & Sofia: 12) and I enjoyed being a ‘me’ after being a ‘we’ for so long (15 years).

Not long after all this took place, I met a Man that would change everything…SirW. I have told the story of how We met and how the greatest love story ever written does not compare to Our love, so I need not go into that, but let me say this…When it comes to ‘Need’ versus ‘Want’, He is in both categories.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Oooh, what He does to me

He melts my heart like butter in a hot pan
takes my breath away
moves me
fills me with an intensity that makes me want to scream for joy and sob that it took Us so long to find each other

i fall in love with Him again every day
i am more me with Him

my mouth yearns for His
my heart is His home

When i see Him, it's like the first time, every time

We are harmony that makes me close my eyes, smile softly and dance slow and seductively, knowing it's so good, sooo right