Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Today, 2 Years ago, You claimed me as Your kitten.  A beautiful and meaningful ceremony, united with Our blood, began Our journey as Dominant and submissive.  It had been 6 months since We first met, so aside from being collared and owned, Our love as Man and woman had blossomed into an unexpected lifetime love affair.  No matter how much distance separated Us, nothing stood in the way of Our connection that kept deepening as time passed.  My life has given me a Love i couldn’t even have dreamed of…

Today, 1 year ago, You took me as Your wife.  Almost a year had passed since You collared me when the stars aligned and the path was cleared for me to join You in Canada.  Not much time passed before You proposed to me and soon after, A small but wonderful wedding sealed Us as Husband and wife.  You have taken care of me in every way and together, We have paved a road of abundant happiness.  Our life has given Us a love that has been blessed with all the right ingredients.

Today, I resubmit to You as Your devoted submissive.

Today, I renew my vow to You as Your loving wife.

Today, I thank the stars above for all the good and bad that have taken place in both Our lives that made it possible for Us to find each other. 

Happy Anniversaries, Master!

Your eternal love,



  1. This is so beautiful... To marry a man who can Dominate me and really understand me, is one of my lifetime dream. Congratulation, you're such a lucky kitten...

  2. Happy Anniversay pretty kitten!!!


  3. Awwwwe! Happy Anniversary!! Congratulations!