Monday, December 19, 2011

Tone it down?!

This is sort of a rant, so forgive me in advance...

My Mother loves telling everyone that my brother gave her 36 hours of labor and cried so often, that he was considered the family's 'cry-baby' and that her labor with me started and i was born about 30 minutes later, barely making it to the hospital and that after my first cry, it was all giggles from there, well mostly...

i have always felt a mission to brighten people's lives, make people smile and laugh when ever i have the chance.  i have always felt there is so much darkness in the world that it was my lot in life to be the sunniest and warmest person on the planet.  Also, i am very well aware of the Yin-Yang of things and that there are just as many negative people as there are positive people and i don't try to change people, but i do try to help the people that are negative, sad, depressed, etc. by finding the silver lining and encouraging as many people as possible on a daily basis.

That being said, from time to time, i run into people that just cannot stand my beacon of makes there darkness (that they apparently enjoy and want company in their misery too) seem even darker.  i have been told to 'tone it down' so many times and i find that really strange.  I am told to keep my excitement for life and the things that are going on that i am happy about to myself.  i enjoy sharing my joy with people, but have to respect those that are bothered by me...i suppose.

i am not here to be a thorn in any one's side, but it is very difficult to keep my light from's just who i am...i don't try to change anyone, so why do some people want me to change?  It's just not fair and it does not feel good to keep my happiness bottled up.  i mean, i know when it is appropriate to tone it down...when my Boss is in a bad mood, someone had a death in the family, you know...i know when to tone it down, but when things are normal every day, i just want to be myself. *sigh*

i am at the point at work where i keep all my happiness to myself and share nothing.  People ask me about SirW or my vacation, i just give them a short non-happy answer.  If i show any excitement, it gets turned on Boss's wife will say she realizes how happy and excited i am about my boyfriend, but it's affecting my work, which is bullshit - i am a professional and multitask and do so much for my company, most of which i do not talk about as it would be bragging, i just get my job done.

OK, i think i got it all out...sorry guys, i just needed to vent a little...



Saturday, December 17, 2011

Frisky kitten!

First of all, prrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!  This Friday, i will be with SirW and my anticipation is building!  He has so many things planned...and so many new toys to try out *smiles big...with teeth and everything*  One of the new toys ('cause He won't tell me all He has obtained) is the Violet Wand *smiles with huge eyes* SirW goes all out too...He has the best 'equipment' and i am so excited for all the scenes W/we will get to do!

Of course, some of the time spent there will be vanilla, as it's Christmas and New years and the kids will be there for part of the time, W/we will be visiting friends and doing things like Hay Rides, Slay Rides, Sledding, Skiing, etc.  i am from the desert, so W/we are gonna do stuff that people in below zero weather do, which will be fun and exciting!

W/we will also get opportunities to be with others in a BDSM setting.  His regular slosh, which W/we went to the last time i visited SirW, is looking forward to seeing me again, as am i them.  SirW made and bottled His own wine...well, He says O/our wine, and He made a label and calls it 'SpankAss Wine" which i just love!  This wine is so tasty too!

So, i am totally looking forward to the flogging, spanking, paddling, hair pulling, nipple clamping, cane striping, Wartenberg wheeling, feather tickling...but also the tender moments between a Man and His woman, all of which make the time W/we spend together so incredibly memorable.  So, the countdown begins again!

Wishing E/everyO/one the best holiday season and New Year *hugs*


Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Greatest Joy

Growing up, i was raised by a single Mom, along with the assistance of my grandparents - between them all, i had a great childhood and have grown into a well-balanced adult.  When my Mom and Dad got married, they made a vow to each other and obviously, that vow was broken somewhere prior to the divorce, eh? 

i was married myself from my 20's to my 40's (almost 16 years) and then We divorced due to the vows being broken.  Why are vows made and broken so easily i asked myself.  What happened to discipline, compassion and restraint?  When things are good, the vows are easier to uphold?  This was something i thought about during the last 5 years of my broken marriage and i decided that it had to be karma.

i grew up trying to do the right thing all the time, but i am human and not perfect and slip here and there.  Whether O/one believes in 'Cause & Effect' or not, it exists, like gravity.  So i decided that somewhere in my past, or even a past life, i made some causes that manifested into the negative things that have occurred in my present life and have tried to make as many good causes each day of my life and will continue to do so for the sake of my present, my future, as well as a next life, if that exists (who really knows)...

Then there are the good things in my life that are sooooo good that it can only be explained again, by karma.  i know i must have saved a life or many lives in my last lifetime, because to have found love with SirW is the most extraordinary benefit that i cherish.  He makes the Man of my dreams pale in His comparison in every way.  Every day for the last 11 months, He has shown me the best that a Man can be.  The most amazing Father, Son, Cousin, Lover and it is hard to keep this to myself, for He brings me such joy, such pleasure, such peace that if i were to keep it bottled up inside, i might burst.

SirW has not only been the most incredible partner, He has also been the most amazing Dom.  He thinks about me in the things He does, the things He plans, His life, His future and i do the same...i give Him everything i have: mind, body, heart and soul.  There's nothing i wouldn't do for Him.  But the real test was this past 2, going on 3 weeks now during the toughest time of my health life...i got very ill and O/our safe word was invoked until my health returned.  At first, i was too sick to worry about how this would affect O/our relationship, for i did not know how long it would take me to recover.  Day by day, His love and support is what helped me to stay calm and keep hope alive.  He is my rock.

At O/our collaring ceremony in July, W/we verbalized O/our vows.  His vows made me cry, because He vowed to always take care of me in sickness and in health...and He meant it.  Finally the One who believes in what He says...and He loves me, WOW...i am still stunned after all this time, and each day i wake, i still get butterflies at the thought of Him.  No matter what life presents, the struggles, the joys, i could not be happier knowing SirW and i are partners in vanilla and BDSM...the greatest joy i have ever known.



Friday, December 9, 2011

Infected kitten

Nice title, right?

OK, to get all vanilla and personal, i have been really sick and am finally pulling out of it.  Long story short, i had 4 infections: Sinus, Bladder, Urinary and most serious Kidney.  This had kitten completely not in control of my energy, and over all body health.  Now, i like to give up control, but not like this! lol  Anyway, with antibiotics and a ton of bed rest, i am just about myself again *cheers*

The interesting part is that i had to call my safe word for the time i was sick - SirW would have called it anyway, but i called it first thing.  Part of me was sad i had to use it, but it had to be used.  i also had to take off His Eternity Collar...i had ct scans and besides that, SirW wanted me to rest as comfortably as possible with no restraints on my neck, etc.  i did not like going day to day without His Collar, but i did it for my health.

During my time trying to recover, SirW took care of my spiritual side, assuring me everything would return to normal soon, to hang in there and be strong through the rough times, reminding me that it was always darkest before dawn.  His nurturing care felt so calming and sent me off to bed each night with hope that the next day i'd be one day closer to good health...and here i am *smiles*

i am excited to get back to my submissive training and O/our kinky moments W/we love sharing so much, which should be Sunday, where the safe word shall be lifted!

What else, OH YEAH:  i am flying to see SirW for 10 days for Christmas and New will be a white Christmas, in more ways than one! *giggles* (sorry, i could not resist that)

Anyway, this kitten wants to wish Y/you A/all the very best health and a safe and happy Christmas and New Year.  May next year turn E/every O/one's dreams and fantasies into reality!


Friday, November 18, 2011

Continuing BDSM Education

One of the many things SirW and i do to further O/our knowledge base on O/our journey as a D/s couple is 'continuing education'.  This is very important to those who want to constantly improve, find new ways of keeping things fresh and new the entire relationship (not just newbies).  W/we read books (both fiction and non-fiction), read blogs by other Doms and subs, attend and support BDSM functions in O/our communities and online (Fetlife, CollarME, etc.), as well as read real articles written by authors who are relating their personal experience, and also websites that are there to support those in this lifestyle.  Why not polish up on info, techniques and ideas relating to TTWD?

This morning, SirW sent me an excerpt from an essay referenced in an awesome BDSM Resource and Knowledge Database called The Iron Gate called Qualities of A Successful Dom (by Polly Peachum   that is spot-on!

Hopefully, Y/you the reader will benefit from this and other information i post here...that is why i do it after all *smiles*

Wishing Y/you A/all a happy and healthy holiday season,


Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Dominant or Master?

Being relatively new still to this lifestyle, the different titles and what they mean, the responsibilities they carry for their partner and the community interests me.  There are many levels of intensity within each title and each person customizes their own relationship according to their likes, dislikes and needs.  When two people are considering being together, whether in this realm or plain old vanilla, they are either compatible or not.  Safe, sane and consensual is a good idea in any type of relationship, but particularly in this realm, because it is so easy for someone to be taken advantage of in trying to be good in their perspective chosen role.

SirW has been my Dom for nearly a year now and O/our journey has been amazing, with its growth and slow evolution into what it is now.  Not only have i grown as His submissive, but so too has He grown.  He is more than my Dom, so it got me thinking about Him being a Master in my eyes...

His peers in His community have learned much about His beliefs as a Dom, as well as His experience with various usage of "toys" for control of pleasure and pain, both physical and emotional.  He is too humble when it comes to titles, and frankly, I don't think He really cares, but i have been curious about what makes a Dom, a Master.  

So...the research has begun - i read an article ( Dominant-vs-Master ( ) and find the information interesting, but would like to hear what Y/you (Doms, Masters, subs, slaves) have to say about the subject, SO...what are Y/your thoughts?

Please comment about Y/your opinions, if Y/you would be so kind!

Wishing Y/you A/all well,


Monday, November 7, 2011


i am so excited!

First, SirW is surprising me for my (American) Thanksgiving in a couple of weeks...yes, you heard right, it's a surprise...He is not telling me when He is coming, just that He is and will arrive before Oour scheduled trip to Arizona with my mom (that drive should prove to be interesting). Why, you might ask? Because, those that live in the same city can show up at work, knock on the door, climb up the balcony, etc. Wwe have a LDR, so this is not a regular thing that can occur, so it is being created, and i for one am excited about it! 

Anyway, there will be tons of GOBBLE-GOBBLE going on *giggles*

Second, i am flying up to Him and His family for a WHITE CHRISTMAS *cheers* and will be staying for approximately 10 days-ish :)

This holiday season is going to be the best ever!!!


Saturday, November 5, 2011

sub's Needs (& other info)

i stumbled across this on 's site listed as 'OWNERS MANUAL' and thought it was wonderful and definitely worth a re-post for those who have never read it, so THANK YOU and the originator jade @ The Castlerealm (The D/s Resource Center):

Then, i went to this site and saw a bunch of other material worth reading, so i decided to post all those links too:

This material has a Copyright, so i am simply providing the link to their site - take a look, it's a wonderful site with a wealth of knowledge!



Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Light of Hope

The one thing that goes hand in hand with love is patience, especially in Oour case.  The feelings i have of desperately needing to be with SirW are intensified with His return of these same feelings.  Timing is something that should not be rushed in order to keep up with Oour hearts, but that is not easy to do, so then there is patience once again.  

So, Wwe are making the most out of what the universe is allowing Uus to experience.  Here Wwe are, in the latter years of life in the deepest love Wwe have ever known - isn't it wondrous and beautiful, my Love?  Knowing Oour paths will become one soon is a certainty i feel within my core, so i refuse to spend too much time thinking about the future.  It is the here and now that gives me the greatest joy i have ever known and it is recognized by those in my life.  These days have me beaming like the light of hope, a light that shines brighter than the Sun.

Look at the Sun, my Love, and imagine Your kitten next to You feeling the warmth, smiling with the brightest eyes.  Oour love knows no boundaries, what distance can therefore be an obstacle? 

i thought i was happy, then i found happiness...i found You. 

Friday, October 28, 2011

Hand in hand

With every new dawn, 
each breath i take is Yours
Is it possible that, 
with the feelings that swim though my veins
i could increase and intensify them 
with the setting of each Sun?

As i walk through the twists of fate, 
my heart runs to Yours
How can it be, that Oour souls, 
that have long been Oone
have been drawn together, 
as if no land were between Uus?

As day turns into night, 
the yearning fills me completely,
but it is not sadness that i taste, 
it is gratitude to the stars
that aligned the day Wwe found each other 
and the past began again.

i thought my heart was full, 
but my love for You grows and my life expands,
every day enhanced knowing the time draws near 
when Wwe will come together
and walk the Earth hand in hand,  
Oour existence entwined in unity.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Sometimes i feel...

What can i say...things are going great, BUT...

i have to admit that there are moments that my heart gets stressed...lemme explain:

SirW is the most amazing Person.  He is an extraordinary Man with His children, His job, His Mom and other family members, and of course, me.  He has a well-balanced life.  He is smart, funny, loving, attentive, always communicates, treats me like a lady, loves me like i have never been loved before.  He Dominates me so amazes me how He has the time and energy to manage all that He does and still make me feel like i am everything to Him.  i could not be happier with Oour relationship Wwe've built together over the almost 9 months.  i am not just saying that either...He satisfies every need and want i could have...

i know there are things in every relationship that are not perfect.

Oour thing is that Wwe are long distance and that is the only thing that is not perfect in the whole beautiful relationship.  And i really should not complain...i mean, He and i do visit every so often and skype just about every night, text every day, email all the time.  He and i are an incredible balance for each other.  Wwe really are in the best, most healthiest relationship Wwe have ever been in, believe me when i say that i want to grow old with this Man!

i know i need to be thankful for what Wwe have, for it is more than a blessing to have a match such as Oours and i am, i really am, but i sometimes feel such a hard pull to be near Him, to smell His scent, to hold hands, snuggle, sleep next to Him and hear Him breathe, drive and take walks with Him, be trained in person by Him, experience the aftercare when Wwe train, and more than that, i just need Him.  my feelings went from want to need a long time ago and i know He feels the same way.  

i do not know how or when Wwe will finally be free to be with each other on a daily basis and i am not writing this to add any pressure, as i know He reads my blogs too, but i want to express how strong my feelings are, so that i can release them into the universe and not hold on to them.  

So...until the day comes when Wwe are able to remove the distance from the equation, i will continue to cherish everything He is and brings to my life, which is enhanced beyond my wildest dreams.

Sir: if You are reading this: i know You know all these things i have said, but please know in Your heart, that i am a strong and happy kitten and know that one day, the universe will bring Uus together, so there is no need to ever worry about it being too hard on me, for i would much rather have what Wwe have than be without You *smiles bright with eyes*

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Pleasing Sir

A yummy smell entered SirW's nostrils as His eyes opened, and there stood His kitten with a tray in her hands, filled with yummy goodness (Eggs, bacon and home-made oatmeal cookies as big as He had ever seen...2 with raisins in the middle to represent nipples and 2 without, as she was unsure He liked raisins, to nourish her Dom.

"Breakfast in bed, Sir", said His kitten as she smiled bright with her eyes.  "Do You need anything before You eat breakfast, my Love?"  Sitting up with surprise in His eyes said, "I do need to use the washroom, but I'll be right back: this looks and smells delicious!"

Upon SirW's return, he asked, "What is the special occasion, kitten?"  kitten smiled and said, "Every day is a special occasion Sir, for it means that i have another opportunity to serve You Sir."  She placed the tray on the bed as He sat down and started eating the goodies, moaning with approval at the yummy food she made.  "Sir, today, kitten would like to pamper You and give You pleasure beyond all previous pleasure, if You would permit it", she said.  "Of course kitten, that would please Me very much."

As He continued to pick at the food, she walked towards the door of the bedroom and said, "i shall return in just a moment, Sir."  A few minutes later, she returned with many sheer scarfs tucked all around her belly, her face covered as well, but the scarf was so sheer that her face could be seen through it...then the music began to play...Arabian music, and she began to dance a sensual strip tease as He ate His breakfast.  In certain places in the song, she would clink the symbols on her fingers in each hand and hold poses in very provocative positions as she looked deeply into His eyes.  SirW's eyes told her that He was pleased and becoming very aroused with each pause she gave.  Soon, He was finished with everything on the tray and sat back to relax as His kitten continued to move her hips and arms in a very flowing way until the music came to an end. 

SirW smiled and said, "That was amazing kitten, simply wonderful."  kitten, who was on the floor, crawled over to SirW and began to kiss His feet lovingly, as she started to rub His calves and knees.  kitten was naked, but had another tray nearby with essential oils and toys she wanted to use for this mornings pleasuring of her Dom.  kitten grabbed the edible honey massage oil and squirted a small amount on her hand and rubbed her hands together and then started to rub all over SirW's body.  "Please relax and lay down with Your eyes closed and let Your mind run free, Sir."  If You would permit me, kitten would like to put a blind fold on You so that Your other senses become heightened.  Intrigued, He agreed and the soft blindfold was placed gently over His eyes.  He then laid flat on the bed and waited with anticipation and excitement.

The next thing He felt was kittens hands return to His calves...but then, a second set of hands gently began to massage His left hand, then another pair of hands began to massage His right hand.  SirW's heart began to race with wonder at who the other hands belonged to.  "Sir...the other hands belong to two women that i hired just to help me with this mornings pleasure.  The blindfold will allow You to use Your imagination as to what they look like and what not, as they will not speak the entire time they are with U/us.  With their assistance, i will hopefully take Your body and mind to a paradise where You can free Yourself from the normal day-to-day existence and far from reality.  Today, reality becomes more like a dream, a fantasy realized, Sir."

"Sir, please take stand up for a moment,"  kitten placed a few soft towels on the bed and then gently returned SirW to a relaxed position.  "i have placed some towels underneath You, as things might get a little 'wet' from here on out", said kitten.
The next thing SirW felt was kitten's lips on His lips, kissing ever so passionately, as she stroked His hair and lightly scraped His scalp with her fingernails.  After a few minutes of the kissing, another set of hands started massaging His thighs, and yet another set of hands started massaging His balls.  SirW moaned with all this happening at the same time, and this seemed to go on for quite a while, making His cock so very hard.  Next, the warmth of a mouth began to grace SirW's cock and as the sucking motion of this mouth went up and down on His throbbing cock, warm liquid began to spill from the mouth down His hard shaft.  This was called 'hot tea' He remembered from a conversation He and kitten had a while back.  The sensation was almost too much for Him to handle without releasing, but He showed restraint and enjoyed all that was going on.

After a while, SirW's moans began to get louder and louder, which was a signal of His getting very close to coming, so kitten called out, "OK ladies, thank you for your services, but it's time for you to go now."  With that call, all hands and mouths stopped what they were doing.  SirW heard the two women leave and the door close behind them.  "Ahh, my Love, You look so relaxed and happy there, but all this has made Your kitten so incredibly horny." kitten giggled like a schoolgirl and then said, "kitten would like to ride Your hard cock, Sir, but i want to do it 'reverse cowgirl' style, Sir."  He smiled and said nothing and with that, she climbed on top of Him and directed His throbbing cock into His wet pussy and began to rock back and forth, which drove SirW crazy with lust.  It was at that time that He felt a wet slender object, smaller than a pinkie finger touch the rosebud of His ass hole.  At first, His ass was tense, but it soon relaxed as the object slid into it and began to gently rock in and out, in motion with His cock rocking in and out of His pussy.  "How does that feel, Sir?"  "Fucking awesome kitten, absolutely unbelievable!"  "Good, that was my aim, Sir."

kitten could tell that SirW was getting very close to coming, but she wanted to prolong this moment, so she slid both the object and herself out and off of Him.  Then she turned around and, still on top of Him, began to suck His neck and shoulder blades and led down to His stomach and hips and finally down to His aching cock, where she lingered, using both her mouth and hands to bring SirW close to orgasm once again, but when she felt He again was getting close, she backed off and said, "Sir, would You now take Your kitten's ass and fuck it hard and come inside it please?"  He did not have to be asked twice, for within seconds, He was on His knees on the bed and she was on all fours, when He entered His ass, His hands gripped tightly on her hips, as He plunged in and out aggressively and in a fast paced motion.  After a minute of this, He, still blindfolded, could feel that she turned on a vibrator and brought it to His pussy which in turn made His cock vibrate as He fucked her ass like an animal.  As He moaned loudly, she moaned loudly and she knew it would not be long before He could stand it any longer, needing to release His hot seed deep within His ass.  kitten's moans became screams of total pleasure, when she asked Him, "Sir, may kitten come with You as You come in Your ass please?"  SirW was engrossed in the fucking of His ass, but managed to say, "Oh kitten, you feel so good, i am going to explode inside you and want you to come when i do, but not before, don't you dare come before me!"

As He fucked His ass hard and fast, He said, "On the count of three, you will come, kitten...One!"  A minute of fucking continued, when He said, "Two!"  Another minute of fucking and them B/both moaning, when He said, "Threeeeeee!"  He yelled - no He roared His orgasm out, like a lion taking what was rightfully His, and at the same time, kitten screamed a high-pitched squeal, signalling her releasing one of the hardest orgasms she had ever felt.  This went on for a few moments, until they B/both came over and over and finally fell, exhausted to the bed.  He took the blindfold off, snuggled so close to His kitten and said, "kitten, you are an amazing creature and I love you so much...thank you for an unforgettable memory."  kitten smiled and meowed, "Sir, this is just the beginning."  Then they fell to sleep and slept all afternoon in each others arms...

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

i am His, i am

.i am His submissive, .i am complete
.i am His love, .i am fulfilled
.i am His kitten, .i am me
.i am His, .i am
The bond W/we share is pure and beautiful and i have grown because of Him. 
i am truly blessed to receive His Dominance and Love. 
In return, i give Him...everything: mind, body, heart, soul and spirit. 
He is in everything i do. 
He is in the air i breathe, the food i eat, the water i drink. 
He is in my laughter, and in my tears. 
He is in my smile. 
He is in my dreams. 
i am honored that He calls me His kitten. 
i am His, i am.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Machine

The morning breeze blew the sheer drapes inward and carried with it, the fresh scent of Autumn cinnamon and apples, when another smell entered the room...ahhh: Bacon!  kitten stretched out her arms, hoping to feel SirW's body laying next to her, but instead, the bed was empty, so she climbed out of bed, threw on His house robe and made her way downstairs to the kitchen to find SirW making breakfast.  kitten sighed with such contentment and satisfaction in having found her true love who cared so much about her mind, body and soul.  kitten smiled and wrapped her arms around SirW's waist from behind, kissed His neck, took a deep breath of His scent and whispered, "Good morning, Sir."  

kitten was so happy to be in Canada with SirW, even if it was only for a small vacation.  Each time they got together, they would create the best memories.  Being long distance is difficult, but it also makes each visit more intense and filled with a sense of urgency and this visit was no different.

SirW turned around and kissed kitten passionately and deeply on her lips, topping it off with a peck on her nose.  He gave her a mysterious look and said, "kitten, i want you to tell me one of your fantasies, but i want it to not be about love...just pure lust and fantasy, filled with hidden desires, no matter how wild and crazy it may be.  kitten blushed for a moment, but knew that no matter what she said, He would not judge her or make fun of her, but receive pleasure and become excited in knowing His kitten's mind in an uncensored way, so she said, "Well Sir, the thought of being taken in Your ass, pussy and mouth all at the same time is a secret fantasy as far as feelings go, but the thought of anyone else being inside me does not appeal to my heart at all Sir, so while i wonder what that would feel like, i dismiss it because i know it is not going to happen.  SirW smiled and said, "kitten, get dressed...I am taking you somewhere special today.  I want you to wear a long skirt, no panties, a garter, stockings, a nice blouse and no bra."  "Yes Sir," said kitten and off she went to obey her Dom's request.

When she came down stairs in the requested outfit, SirW was not on the kitchen level...He was in His secret chambers.  His secret chambers was a room built like a bomb shelter in the ground through a hidden door in the basement and kitten was never permitted to enter this room...but today, SirW called up to her and said, "kitten, please come down and join me in my private chambers."  kitten was sure she misunderstood Him, but trotted down the stairs to the basement, which was also the dungeon He built for their training and enjoyment and noticed a light coming from His chamber room, as though the door was not closed...very unusual for SirW for sure.  

"Sir?," kitten called out to let Him know she was approaching in case He did not realize the door was open.  "Yes dear, come here please."  kitten was so shocked at His request because He has never allowed her to enter this room, as it was where He did His work that no one could know about, for it was top secret work for the government and was never discussed. Timidly, kitten approached the door to His chambers and slowly pushed the door open to see Him sitting in a chair with an evil grin on His face. kitten recognized this look, as He has given it to her on numerous occasions when He had a method to His madness and was going to share it with me.  "kitten, I am going to let you in on something i have been working on in order to fulfill one of your fantasies.  I want you to understand that what I am about to show you is top secret and can be shared with no one...not a soul, ever."

"Part of what I do is invent new technology for the government using all my skills from the many years in the intel world.  Some of the inventions I have created are so advanced that the average human being could possibly become frightened knowing about, but you are far from what I would describe as average kitten." Intrigued, kitten stepped closer, moving her eyes all around the room and marveling at all the strange looking gadgets she saw.  SirW stood up and approached her with what appeared to be a hooded cloak of sorts.  It looked like crushed green velvet and was so beautiful.  "This may appear to look like an ordinary cloak, but kitten, I assure you, it is not.  It is a cloaking cloak," He said.  kitten's eyes widened and wondered what kind of madness SirW had in store for her this time, but was soon replaced with a smile on her face and she became quite excited at the unknown, for she trusted SirW completely and did not have any questions to ask, but merely to follow His instructions.

SirW explained that He was going to use the cloak to hide her and take her into the secret government laboratory one time only in order to use a brand new invention that only a handful of people on the planet knew about.  We call this invention, "The Machine."  kitten clapped like a child, the kitten golf clap SirW knew so well...that of His submissive when she is overly excited.  "Yes Sir," kitten said and nothing more.  SirW said He needed to cloak her right now and that she needed to be completely silent until He used their safe word.  She nodded with a quiet smile and softness in her eyes as He placed the cloak around her body and hood on her head, which instantly made her disappear entirely.  He said that when they got to the car, she would need to get in on His side and leave the car the same way when they got to the facility.  She did not say a word, as she was told not to say anything until He used the safe word.

He grabbed His briefcase and said, "Let's go kitten...remember, complete silence so that no one knows you are with me."  He walked out of the chambers and closed the door, then went to the bookcase and pushed a book back slightly, which closed the door and sealed all but became seamless and a curtain covered it, so it was as if it did not exist.  SirW was very clever with an extremely brilliant mind.  Up the stairs to the front door, He opened and paused to allow for her to exit and then closed and locked the door.  Then with a remote control, He set an invisible alarm that only He and kitten knew about.  Off to the car, He opened the door and paused to look at His watch, allowing again the time for her to climb into the passenger seat, then He got in, closed the door and started the car.  They drove off and sat in silence, but kitten's heart was beating so hard, she was sure it could be heard, but it was just in her mind.

They pulled up to the facility and SirW rolled His window down to show His ID to the guard on duty, who then called up to the main tower for approval of SirW's entrance.  kitten practically stopped breathing for fear that she would be heard.  The approval came over the walkie talkie and they drove off toward the building at the back of the lot.  SirW opened the door, got out of the car and again looked at His watch, giving kitten time to exit the vehicle.  kitten followed SirW very closely through each of the 7 security doors, to the elevator that led down 25 stories into the Earth, where all the action took place.

When the elevator doors opened, SirW walked down the long corridor and kitten silently followed, her excitement building at the thought of what SirW was trusting her with.  kitten would never betray her Dom...she would rather die first, and He knew this.  They had always strictly followed the D/s pillars of Honesty, Repsect, Obedience and Trust, which was why He was granting this adventure to her.  They finally got to the end of the hall to a thick metal door.  SirW looked into the eye recognition pad and, after it scanned His eye for a person match, the door made a loud unlocking sound.  In they went...SirW closed the door behind them and said, "OK kitten: Coccinella septempunctata (which meant Ladybug in Latin), take the cloak off and hand it to me."  Off came the cloak and with a huge leap, kitten threw her arms around SirW's neck and kissed Him with all her might.

SirW kissed her back they way she loved to be kissed: soft but passionately, His tongue dancing with hers.  Then He slid His hand up her skirt and felt His pussy, which was dripping wet from all that had occurred, ended the kiss and said, "Wow...i knew kitten would be excited, good girl."  She said, "Oh Sir, i never know what to expect with You...You always keep me guessing and i love it...i love You."  She smiled with wonder at what was to happen next...

He walked to the back of the room and unlocked another door with a swipe of a security card, turned and said, "Are you ready to learn more about The Machine and why i brought you here, kitten?"  "Yes Sir!," kitten said with enthusiasm.

"Come closer kitten, I want to explain what The Machine does and let you decide if it is something that interests you or honest with me now, I will not tolerate anything less, OK kitten?"  kitten dropped to the floor and crawled over to His feet and kissed them one after the other and then sat back on her heels in submission position, palms on her knees face up and eyes looking up at His.  He proceeded to say that The Machine was capable of duplicating.  "Duplicating Sir?," asked kitten.  "Yes, duplicating.  It can duplicate anything...everything, object and/or being."  kitten's eyes widened in amazement and slight shock, as she never imagined this technology existed, let alone something she would be allowed to know about and see with her very own eyes.  She could not speak, so she nodded timidly.  He asked her if she still wanted to fulfill the fantasy of being fucked in every opening.  "Sir?," kitten said with question in the tone.  "kitten, do you trust me?," He asked.  "Oh yes Sir, with my life!," kitten replied.  "Then answer the you want me to fulfill your fantasy?"  She was so nervous, but simply said, "Yes Sir, but not with any other men involved." 

He smiled and gave a giggle at that answer because He could see that she had not put two and two together.  He held His hands out for her to take and stand, looked deeply into her eyes and said, "kitten, if you truly trust me and know that i know you better than you know yourself, then take a seat on this couch over there and allow me to put the blind fold on you."  She did exactly as she was told and sat, blindfolded nervously.  She could hear the punching of buttons on a keyboard, the opening of a door and the closing of a door.  Then, suddenly a loud sound she had never heard before happened and lasted for a few minutes.  kitten remained still on the couch, when she heard a door open and SirW's voice say, "kitten, you know I love you and would do anything to give you pleasure, right?  "Yes Sir," kitten said.  "Then if you trust me, lay down on the couch and enjoy what is about to happen," He said.

kitten laid back, and the next thing she felt was SirW's lips kissing her and rubbing his hands all over her body.  She moaned and could feel His pussy pulsating with desire and wetness and His fingers soon found their way into her wet sex and proceeded to move them in and out.  She moaned on and on as His fingers controlled her until finally she cried out, "Sir!  Sir!?  Sir???"  "Yes kitten," He said calmly.  "May i cum for You Sir?," she begged.  "Yes kitten," He said with delight in His voice.  Then, at that very moment, kitten let out a high-pitched yelp as His pussy exploded and pulsated on His fingers.  SirW smiled and said, " that W/we got the easy one out of the way, let's begin."  He took her blindfold off and her eyes widened and her heart almost stopped at the sight that was before her and managed to say, "Oh my God!"

What she saw was two other men in the room, but they were not other men, they were SirW...both of them...kitten had to do a double take, as she thought for a moment she was dreaming.  SirW said, "now kitten, I want you to understand that these are clones.  They will disappear when W/we are done with them, but until then, W/we, meaning Me and My clones will have O/our way with you, do you understand and agree?"  kitten gulped hard and nodded with a smile that soon joined the color that was slowly returning to her face and said, "Oh Sir, i am stunned at the whole thing, but so excited and happy"--SirW placed His finger on her mouth to silence her words.  He said, "Shhhh, remove your skirt and blouse, put the blind fold on and come lay on this blanket I have set up over there (He pointed to the side where there was a thick, plush blanket)."  She followed His orders exactly.  "Good relax and enjoy this, as this is all for you, my love," He said.

SirW proceeded to say exactly what He was going to do prior to doing it.  First He flogged the breasts.  Then He cropped the thighs.  After that, He used a feather to give her the chills.  He asked her if she was enjoying what He was doing, to which she replied, "Oh yes Sir!"  Training went on for about an hour, which loosened kitten up and got her extremely excited and soaking wet, ready for just about anything at this point.

The next thing she felt was SirW's body laying next to hers.  He said, "kitten climb up on top of me."  She climbed up on top of Him and He slid His hard cock into her and she moaned loudly.  Then she felt the tip of a cock touch her lips, but it was not a foreign was SirW.  Well, His clone anyway, and she took His cock deep into her throat as His pussy was being vigorously fucked.  She loved the feeling of SirW's cock deep in her throat moving in and out with His fingers in her hair, controlling her head, as He fucked her mouth with urgency.  It was a few minutes of this, when another set of hands started caressing her shoulders, then the hands moved down the small of her back and eventually she felt Him kneel behind her.  She felt His finger enter His ass and she moaned as she was being fucked in both His pussy and His mouth and thought she was going to explode right then.  "Don't you cum yet kitten...W/we want you to feel what you only thought you would ever dream about."  Right when He finished His sentence, a cock slowly entered His ass and soon started rocking in and out in rhythm with the other movements taking place in His pussy and mouth.  kitten moaned and let her body be completely controlled by all three SirW's, who also moaned as they fucked Their little kitten so completely.

kitten was not sure how long this went on, but soon found herself unable to control herself and held her right hand up, as if to ask a question.  "OK kitten, on the count of three, I want you to cum, and I want it to be hard, so let go completely when it hits and a half...two and three quarters...THREE," He called out.  At that very moment, kitten released the hardest orgasm she had ever felt, and at the same time, she could feel SirW cum, not only in His mouth, but His pussy and ass as well.  Moans and groans surrounded the room and went on for a few minutes until all cocks pulled out and kitten fell to the side of SirW, who took her into His arms and said, "Good girl, that's My kitten."

The morning breeze blew the sheer drapes inward and kitten suddenly realized she was in SirW's bed.  She opened her eyes and wondered if it was all a dream, so she climbed out of bed and the smell of bacon entered her nostrils.  kitten through on His house robe and ran down stairs to the kitchen to find SirW making breakfast.  kitten was still unsure if what felt so real was merely a dream, so she walked up to SirW's back, wrapped her arms around His waist from behind, kissed His neck, took a deep breath of His scent and whispered, "Was it a dream Sir?"  SirW turned around and said, "If you want it to be, yes kitten." And with that, they both smiled and hugged each other...two love-struck people who were lucky enough to find love with a twist.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Back from Canada!

Ahhh...what a glorious time kitten had in Canada with SirW!  W/we did so many things, both vanilla and non-vanilla and created the best memories that i cherish and think about now that i am back in the states.  

i won't go into full detail of everything, but may i mention that His dungeon is pretty awesome and not even done yet! He trained His kitten for several hours one day (used all the toys: floggers, paddles, crops, bamboo, feathers, vibrators, and the mother of all toys: the Hitatchi Magic Wand...HOLY CRAP!!!  and towards the end, my whole body started to shiver (i was blindfolded for a lot of it)...i asked Him if i could use the bathroom real quick and He said, in a minute kitten and a few seconds later, hot wax dripped all over (slowly) my breasts and it was so SO good!  

W/we made passionate love for hours and He took His kitten in every way possible and i loved every single moment!  W/we also went to a Slosh and i met some of His peers - it was so great!  W/we did a lot of hot-tubbing and driving around town to meet various friends, etc.  W/we walked the Market boulevard, ate Beavertails (yum!) and He bought me my first toque :)

i have not been as diligent in my blogging as of late, but as soon as i gain my balance again, i will get back to some consistency :)  

Hope A/all of Y/you are getting Y/your KINK on and living life to the fullest!


Friday, September 9, 2011


For those of Y/you that don’t believe in LOVE at 1ST SIGHT, i don’t either.  i believe that O/one must get to know the person on the inside before truly falling in love…LUST at 1ST SIGHT, maybe *giggles*
This blog is about how quickly i knew SIrW was the One i had been waiting for my whole life.  The Man of my dreams pales in comparison to the man of my reality: SirW *smiles*
W/we met on January 27th of this year via Facebook…it was an accident actually, but because W/we have a couple of friends in common, He was able to click “like” on something i posted…and i was able to send Him a message – kitten would normally not be as bold as i was, but something inside me told me that i needed to send Him a message.  Messages flew back and forth for hours that 1st day. 
Day two, we used a communication program known as Ventrilo to talk to each other.  His voice melted me…it was a combination Canadian/Scottish accent and it drove me crazy!  Later, i learned that my voice drove Him crazy too *smiles*
On day 3, W/we switched to SKYPE – this is when W/we could see that the pictures on Facebook were not lying – WOW, what a total babe was my thought and by the end of that 1st night, i was clearly wet and wanting more of this Man.  W/we pretty much from the start talked about D/s and the journey began.
W/we were able to really be O/ourselves, show O/our emotions and feel the relationship starting to become much more than either of U/us had been looking for.  And, if kitten is being totally honest, i fell in love with Him on Day 3.  It goes against anything i imagined when finding the One, but i cannot deny what i felt…and still feel, only 1000 times deeper.
The love W/we share is based on respect, honesty, trust and (on my part) obedience.  Aside from my being His devoted sub and He my commanding Dom, W/we are a Gentleman and a Lady and have the best times in B/both Vanilla and Non-Vanilla moments that are not exactly separate from each other…i am always in submission to Him, but W/we don’t always involve kink or training…sometimes W/we just chill, enjoying E/eachother as two people that love being together.  There have been moments when W/we just hang out in E/eachothers arms or drive without words, splash around in the pool – normal vanilla activities.  Sometimes, W/we are all about training: He is an active Dom that spends a lot of time and energy planning things to help me grow and deepen my submission to Him – daily tasks, different types of training such as nipple play, orgasm control, rope bondage, candle wax play, gags, blind folds and much, much more.
I guess what i am getting at is, W/we have a well-balanced mixture of ingredients that make up a beautiful relationship.  The most important key to O/our success is the communication W/we have always had.  He has visited His kitten twice now, but it’s my turn to travel to Him, see His children and friends face to face and soak in the traditions and foods of His country.
Bottom line…kitten has not been this happy in my whole life.  The feeling of intense love, lust, longing, yearning, respect, inspiration, joy and satisfaction that He brings me is phenomenal!  He is extraordinary and makes me feel extraordinary too.  i am grateful to love and be loved by Him and just wanted to share the beauty of it all with Y/you, for it is a love story that i only thought happened in the movies or in novels…
For those of Y/you that are searching for Y/your true love, never give up hope:
To truly love another, one must love thyself first - To give thyself to another, one must own thyself first - we are all a work in progress, but every step of the way, our flaws make us uniquely perfect - treasure yourself and others will too
Wishing Y/you A/all well,

--kitten {SirW}

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Meow Meow!

First, let me start off by saying that Sir and i have so many beautiful memories W/we've created together, B/both Vanilla and Non-Vanilla, on skype and in person.  Some nights, W/we train, other nights, W/we just talk and laugh...then on some nights...W/we kick it up a notch!

A couple of nights ago, SirW said, "kitten: tomorrow, i would like a strip-tease show from you.  Feel free to use any props, clothes and choose 3 different songs to dance to."

kitten does not have experience stripping, but saw this as an opportunity to create a memory that could last a life time, so i decided to really get into it!  i first did some research about strip-tease dancing and did not care for most of the videos, as they were too raunchy, with poles and what not - just not me!

i worked all day, but did research in between each project and by the end of the day, i had some good ideas - off to the Halloween store for some costume ideas *smiles* i looked at the belly dancer costume, the harem costume, the Jeanie in a bottle costume and just did not feel them...

Then, it hit me:  i am kitten...why would i not dress the part? *wink* So, i got the ears (not soft material, but beautiful hard-plastic black ears with light pink feathers on the inside.  a bright black and pink wig, a light pink fluffy boa, a satin neck choker with pink diamond stud and a black feathery tail that went perfectly with my body suit made of black fishnet circles...make up done just right and the look was prrrrrfect!

Then, when it came down to the music, i picked 2 Pussycat themed songs (Tom Jones has a great one, another was an Egyptian tune that had the words Meow Meow throughout the song)...and for the last song, it was an authentic Arabic belly dancing song...

SirW seemed to really enjoy the entire production, so much so that next week, kitten has been invited to visit Him in His country!  *prrrrrrrrrr*

Let the Count Down begin!



Monday, September 5, 2011

Skype Dinner!

Here we are, Monday night - it's Chinese Food night!  Sir and i do not let the distance of O/our locations get between U/us (pun intended).  With skype, W/we get to see more of E/eachO/other than most people dating do.  Sure, W/we cannot get physical with E/eachO/other, but there are many things W/we do to satisfy the sexual tension, which i won't go into detail...that's what imaginations are for!

Sir and i have been seeing E/eachO/other, heading towards O/our 8 month this month and W/we have been having a total blast via skype.  Sir has visited His kitten a couple of times and, of course W/we feel the pull to be physical with E/eachO/other, but the long distance and time between visits makes the actual being together that much more special and intense.  When W/we do get together, everything is heightened! 

Until the moments when W/we are in the same place, W/we take full advantage of skype.  Tonight, for example is "Chinese Food" night.  W/we B/both ordered Chinese food (waiting for it to show up).  W/we'll bring it to the computer and proceed to eat, talk, laugh and fumble with O/our chopsticks together.  Skype dinners are so awesome...sometimes W/we cook in O/our respective kitchens, sometimes W/we order take out - in either case, W/we love eating together and do not let distance prevent it.

Open Y/your minds to the possibilities technology has offered O/our current times - Y/your soul mate might not only not be in Y/your state, but T/they might not even be in the same country!  Remove the limitations society has placed upon U/us and follow Y/your might just lead to love *wink*

Friday, August 26, 2011

Lessons Learned: HONESTY

Before i explain the detail of this lesson, i must admit to some quirky weirdness within me.  i actually have many quirks, most of which i attribute to being a Virgo, which may be a cop-out, now that i have analyzed it to death *smiles*

The quirk is about colors and matching.  As Y/you may have read, Sir collared His kitten last month with a beautiful Eternity Collar.  His collar is a solid ring of silver that fits perfectly around His neck, with a silver ring hanging from that.  The first week i wore it to work, i wore it without the hanging ring to see if anyone at work would mention anything about it - this may have been my first mistake..with or without this hanging ring, His collar looks so classy and elegant that there could really be no comments about it, other than how beautiful it was, if any. 

The following week, Sir had me add the hanging ring back on and just as anticipated, not a word from anyone at work and i was happier with it on His collar, as it felt it should be.  Then this past week, Sir had me put one of His kitten tags hanging on the hanging silver ring.  This is a cute red heart with "Sir W" on it and i wore it with pride.  The fact that it did not match my outfits was not a big deal, as it was something Sir asked me to do and it pleased me to follow His wishes. 

i neglected to mention last night that my H.R. manager asked me about the kitten-tag, so i explained it to her, and the fact that i had a token made for Sir that was a gorgeous set of dog-tags (military style) with His initial on one side and mine on the other on a handsome chain that He wears around His neck as a symbol of my devotion to Him.  She thought it was sweet and that was the end of the conversation. 

Sir and i skyped as W/we normally do, but towards the end of O/our conversation, He was giving me my tasks, when i asked if He wanted me to continue wearing the kitten tag.  i told Him that it didn't really match my outfits, but that was not why i wanted to know if it could be removed.  i should have told Him what was really on my mind, which was that i liked the look without the red kitten-tag for more formal occasions and with the tag on less formal's just more elegant on its own and sassy with the tag, but that was my opinion and it should not matter, but i said it didn't match, which He stopped me and said, "You wore that all week and didn't match, why is that a factor?"  He said i was hiding behind my Virgoness and He was right.  i should have told Him the truth about my feelings on it, but instead i wrongly fumbled with a dumb ass story - why??? 

With this, Sir was disappointed in me, and so He should have been...i was disappointed in me too.  He said W/we would drop it and that if it happened again, measures would be taken.  This made me feel like i had cast a shadow of doubt over my words with Him and that's what really hurts the most.  He said, if i am not being honest about this, what else could i not be truthful about...He is right, of course and i had labored sleep over it all night.

Honesty is important in any relationship, but in O/ours, it's one of the keys to O/our success.  i am determined to have complete honesty in O/our relationship...i just hope this shadow of doubt in the back of His mind fades away and He sees my honesty in my words, thoughts and actions. 

There is a Buddhist saying that is something i have practiced all throughout my life, which goes like this: "Honim Myo" and it means, "From This Moment On" - When i have a realization of something about myself i do not like (or it is pointed out to me), i make a resolution that from the moment i feel the wrongness of my action, i change and become the person who does not do or say what ever it was that i did not like and live my life "From This Moment On" as the person i can be proud of. 

With all that being said, from my heart, i say, "i will NOT hide behind my Virgoness and will be open and honest with everything from this moment on.