Saturday, December 17, 2011

Frisky kitten!

First of all, prrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!  This Friday, i will be with SirW and my anticipation is building!  He has so many things planned...and so many new toys to try out *smiles big...with teeth and everything*  One of the new toys ('cause He won't tell me all He has obtained) is the Violet Wand *smiles with huge eyes* SirW goes all out too...He has the best 'equipment' and i am so excited for all the scenes W/we will get to do!

Of course, some of the time spent there will be vanilla, as it's Christmas and New years and the kids will be there for part of the time, W/we will be visiting friends and doing things like Hay Rides, Slay Rides, Sledding, Skiing, etc.  i am from the desert, so W/we are gonna do stuff that people in below zero weather do, which will be fun and exciting!

W/we will also get opportunities to be with others in a BDSM setting.  His regular slosh, which W/we went to the last time i visited SirW, is looking forward to seeing me again, as am i them.  SirW made and bottled His own wine...well, He says O/our wine, and He made a label and calls it 'SpankAss Wine" which i just love!  This wine is so tasty too!

So, i am totally looking forward to the flogging, spanking, paddling, hair pulling, nipple clamping, cane striping, Wartenberg wheeling, feather tickling...but also the tender moments between a Man and His woman, all of which make the time W/we spend together so incredibly memorable.  So, the countdown begins again!

Wishing E/everyO/one the best holiday season and New Year *hugs*