Saturday, November 16, 2013

Take it Black

i’m gonna drink a cup of coffee.   

Normally i like a little coffee with my cream-n-sugar, but there are moments, when i’m out in the world, doing my thing, and i feel the need to connect with You, so i’m gonna drink a cup of coffee.  Hot Black coffee.  i’m gonna take it black because You like Yours black and it makes me think of You.  

This is me, drinking You in.  And let me tell ya Baby, it’s practically intoxicating.  i have to hold back a moan as the first sip trickles down my throat.  The warmth carries through my body and my nipples bud.  

So yes, when We’re out together, You’ll see me with a cup of fully loaded coffee, but when i am on my own, at times, I take it black.

You asked me this morning if i wanted some coffee.  i told You we were out of cream, so no thank You.

Then You left the house...

Guess what i am drinking as i write this note?


Thursday, November 7, 2013

My submission fix

You know what i am talking about if you are submissive...

Perhaps you get this feeling once in a while or perhaps you get it all the time, but when you get it: HOT DAMN is it good!  It's like being hooked on a drug...gotta get my submission fix!

To explain...

This morning seemed just like any other morning.  Woke up, got dressed, went to the washroom to place Master's morning accoutrements on the counter, went down stairs to make coffee.  Today, i brought a cup back up to Him as He did not get up yet.  It also gave me a chance to worship His body by easing Him up with tickles and scratches on His back.  Eventually, We both came downstairs, i made lunches for Him (and Our son).  He got dressed and prepared to leave (with son, who will get dropped off at school).  Then, at the front door, i get my kiss and on His way He goes...


This morning, i heard His Dom know, the one that sends chills up your spine (in a good way)?  He said, "kitten. today i want you to complete a couple of tasks for me."  My heart started to beat with excitement.  Ideas of how i would go about completing my tasks and the report delivery method i would use started to tickle my submissive funny bone!

Right after i send my Task Report to Him, i have an influx of air, like i need to catch my breath.  i get a flush on my cheeks and a smile in my eyes and...sorry to admit this, but my pussy is pulsating as well damn it!

It reminds me how much Our power exchange really fucking floats my boat!