His Rules

ONE: When i walk, sit or stand i will do so with such a great confidence that others around me will admire my performance. Either in public or private.
i am always in submission to my Dom, either in private or public.
Pain and pleasure shall be with me always: in my thoughts and fantasies.
i will NOT hesitate in my Obedience to my Dom.
i will NOT be passive in serving my Dom - i will Aggressively participate in my exchange with Him.
i will Serve, Worship, Obey, Please and Love my Dom Unconditionally.
i will Worship my Dom's Body from the Crown of His Head to the Soles of His Feet and Everything Inbetween.
i will Always Give Thanks to my Dom for the Orgasms He has given me immediately after receiving them.
i will Tell my Dom when i Need to be Punished and Why.
i will Remove all Clothing in the way i have been taught when my Dom commands me to do so-regardless of who may be present and despite where i am - i trust my Dom.