Monday, February 18, 2013


Four days of Bliss...

The house is quiet now and i am left with my thoughts. 

Thoughts of the last 4 days are running wild through my mind.  i was so thoroughly used in so many ways, i probably should be exhausted, but instead, i want more. 

To have such delicious pleasure and pain....Mmmmmm!  Loved being tied up and helpless as You fucked Your little ass-whore :)  i seriously should be exhausted, but i just want more!

i smile when i think of all the ways you took Your kitten, all the times We both exploded...all the things We did to each other...i really should be exhausted...but i just want more!

Never in my life have i felt like such an an addict almost...i never felt such lust, such a longing and yearning for anyone or anything...i really should be exhausted...but...i....uggghhh!

i miss You Master!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Scent of a Man

Not just any Man...

Today, as i cleaned up Our bedroom, i lifted SirW's shirts to my nose to see if they needed to be washed, and as i breathed Him in, i became intoxicated and aroused and was reminded of a day not long ago...

SirW came to visit me on Our 6 month anniversary - it was time for Him to collar His kitten.  The ceremony was unbelievable, like a dream and when it was finished, i felt so amazing and proud to be His in such a completely.

But, as with all the visits He or i made to each other, We knew the time would draw near for Him to go back home, and with Him went my Canada.  And i remained, in the hot desert sun and lived my life without His touch, His scent.

When He left, my apartment felt so empty, my bed so big, my heart left to yearn for His return.  When We next spoke, i told Him i missed Him and asked Him to send me some of His shirts, so when i felt my loneliness creep in, i could reach for His shirt and breathe Him into me and pretend He was standing right next to me.

And on those days and nights, i felt comforted to have His scent within an arms reach and, while sometimes it made me cry for Him to be near, it calmed me...every time.

Today, as i breathed in the scent of Him from His shirt, i smiled, for i could look back and see that my dreams have been realized...i am His, i am.