Monday, February 18, 2013


Four days of Bliss...

The house is quiet now and i am left with my thoughts. 

Thoughts of the last 4 days are running wild through my mind.  i was so thoroughly used in so many ways, i probably should be exhausted, but instead, i want more. 

To have such delicious pleasure and pain....Mmmmmm!  Loved being tied up and helpless as You fucked Your little ass-whore :)  i seriously should be exhausted, but i just want more!

i smile when i think of all the ways you took Your kitten, all the times We both exploded...all the things We did to each other...i really should be exhausted...but i just want more!

Never in my life have i felt like such an an addict almost...i never felt such lust, such a longing and yearning for anyone or anything...i really should be exhausted...but...i....uggghhh!

i miss You Master!

1 comment:

  1. i know exactly what you mean. When Sir and i have a play session like this, i get all needy and clingy for Him.

    Now i want Him :/ Terribly lol.