Friday, March 8, 2013

i got the music in me!

Ever since i was a young girl, i knew i was meant for the stage.  i have always been a ham and love to be goofy and laugh at myself, but more than that, i loved to entertain with my voice.  When i was 12, i began to study opera.  When i was 13, i began to perform in various operetta's and musicals and fell in love with the feeling that singing gave me.  i could be sick, depressed, angry, etc. and when i sang, it all melted away - it was therapeutic...medicinal...and still is...

After singing in a few different chorus' i belonged to, i joined an original rock-n-roll band and went on tour in my 20's as a back-up singer.  We individually sold everything we owned, drove across country from California, where i was born and raised to Atlanta, Georgia.  i loved this experience and have no regrets.

That was a life time ago and the music still lives in me.  When i got to Canada, i joined the band SirW was playing with.  We learned some cover tunes and had loads of fun performing them here and there.  All but one person in the band is in the BDSM lifestyle, so i can be myself most of the time *wink*

Then i got the writing bug, which i had not had since i was a teenager.  i began to take some of the stories i had blogged about here in my blog and turn them into songs.  i just completed the 15th song and am so proud of these creations.  In between each song, as the front man, i get to talk about how the songs came to be and my relationship with SirW, so it's really exciting for me.  The audience has a chance to hear my journey and feel like they have gone on part of the ride with me. 

i decided to call this phase of our music, the LDR tour :) i guess i can officially say:  i am a Singer/Songwriter (man, that feels good!)

i just wanted to share this part of my journey with you, as it has become a big part of my life at the moment.


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  1. Very interesting post kitten. I love to read about real people's adventurous lives