Saturday, March 23, 2013

Someone pinch me

Last night was movie night with the girls.  Not just any girls...the kinky girls, so i knew it was a night i could just be me without being careful about what pops out of my mouth.  i was so happy that i was invited in the first place and really looked forward to being there, bonding with my buddies, drinking exotic drinks, eating a beautiful table of goodies and laughing my ass off.  We saw 'Grease' and 'Dirty Dancing,' so each song that happened, we all knew the words and sang along - it was quite hysterical and highly enjoyable!

When i got home, around 2am, the house was quiet...there was one light on, but i knew SirW (and the dogs) were upstairs in the bedroom, most likely fast asleep...

i shut off the light and made my way upstairs...i was not exactly tired,  but i wanted to snuggle with my Baby in bed, so i got undressed and climbed into bed and saw Him stir, so i asked Him, "Master, is there anything i can do for You?"  He stretched, yawned and said, "Yeah, you can come and sit on my face." *grins big* My night was far from over!

Now i gotta say that Our relationship is obviously more than just sex, as well as just BDSM, but let me tell you, i went to sleep a very satisfied kitten.  And the thing i love about Our sex life is that i never know what to expect.  Some times, He takes me like a lion eating his meat and ravishes me.  Sometimes, i am nothing but a mouth, pussy and ass, holes to be thoroughly used for His pleasure.  Some times, it feels like He worships my body from head to toe.  No matter what the case, this kitten is made to purrrrrr!

i absolutely love the balance i have with all the aspects of my life...this is something that is very important to me.  SirW knows it and, as my Master, takes great care in nourishing it, to which i am so grateful.

There are moments of sheer joy when i look back and compare my life before SirW to now and feel like the luckiest woman alive to have such a beautifully balanced life...someone pinch me!

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  1. Very nice kitten. Lucky girl. And wise, it seems, too - lucky SirW. "Grease" is one of favourite movies, too.