Tuesday, April 9, 2013


i can be bratty at times...but generally speaking, i am not a brat just to be a brat.  i do not agree with doing something i am not suppose to have done (or forgetting to do something i am suppose to do) on purpose to get a punishment.  Truth be told, the disappointment i cause and feel myself when this happens crushes my heart, but this is the world of BDSM, so my Master makes the choice on how to correct me, let me off with a warning or even sometimes, knowing the disappointment may have done the correction job, turn it into a funishment :)  When i am faced with this, i am typically pretty nervous because i never know which way He will go.  This feeling keeps me on my toes and has me trying very hard not to find myself in this position often...

This morning, which was not different than any other morning, i was in the middle of making lunch for SirW and Our son, when it dawned on me that i had not laid out what i am suppose to lay out every morning for SirW: The can of shaving cream in the back center, with the electric shaver in front on the left, next to that the manual razor and to the right of that, His toothbrush.  This is a morning ritual i am suppose to do every morning (except on weekends).  The blood rushes from my face and i run upstairs in a panic to the washroom.  i quickly set it up and wander into the bedroom, where SirW is getting dressed for work.  i look at Him and He says, "Too late kitten - i am done in the washroom." 

My heart sank, but i am not allowed to pout, so i grunt a little in self-disgust and promptly ask for punishment for forgetting.  He said, "Yes kitten, you will be."  He does not dwell on things like this...He still treats me respectfully and is sweet to me until He leaves for work.  i go about my day as usual...i had some errands to run (dogs needed vaccine updates at the vet, grocery shopping, etc.) and eventually, i picked up SirW and We get home.  We eat dinner and relax in front of the b00b-tube and wait for one of my favorite shows to come on, when He says, "kitten, i am going to take a shower and you are going to service me."

Oh how i tried to not smile...i really tried, but i was excited at the thought of my Master all wet.  i noticed the look in His eyes that told me i better wipe the grin off my face or the punishment/correction will take a different turn, so i wipe it off immediately.

Without going into too much detail, i not only got to soap up my Master from head to toe, but i got to suck His cock and was allowed to feed from Him...i drank Him into me and loved every minute of it!

Please know that i am fully aware that this could have gone a completely different direction with me a very sad kitten, but this time, it turned out to be a sexy memory i will keep forever.

Thank You Sir!

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