Monday, April 15, 2013


From the very 1st moment We chatted, i felt so stimulated in many ways.  The conversation flowed like water with subjects from world events to nature and life in general.  When i hung up the phone after Our first conversation, i had a huge grin on my face and butterflies in my stomach at the thought of possibly talking to Him again.  And i did, the very next day, and the day after that and the day after that!  

Then We took to Skype and a whole new world opened up for Us...Our communication became much more than words...We could see and feel emotions, facial expressions, the twinkle in His eyes when he laughed and overall beauty in His features.  He was the most handsome Man i had ever laid eyes on.  His blue eyes: pierced right through to my core.  His jaw: so strong and square.  His muscles popped out from His shirts.  His tattoos danced with His movement.  Everything about this Man made my heart pound fast and my knees go weak and, if i am bring brutally honest, any communication (email, text, phone-call or Skype) made me wet with an uncontrollable desire. 

This went on for a couple of months until He came down to see me in person for the 1st time and, while i did not think it was even possible for my lust to grow, it did: tenfold.  These were new feelings...the feeling i got sometimes when i was star-struck at a gorgeous actor from the big screen.  This Man was just as beautiful on the inside as He was on the outside, which made Him all the more attractive and my heart go pitter-pat!  i was absolutely GAGA over Him.  We were definitely falling in love by this time.   The skyping continued and my feelings grew deeper and soon, being apart was starting to pull on my heart-strings.

The months have now turned into years.  Each day i wake with Him by my side, the feelings take hold of me again.  My alarm goes off and, while i am tired, i make my way out of bed.  When i glance over to Him, my heart flutters like the wings of a butterfly.  When We drive anywhere, i find myself looking over at His face, His eyes and practically drool at His sexiness.  This Man belongs to me?  OK OK...i belong to Him, but He loves me...His heart is mine and i thank the stars above every day for paving the path for Us to be together.  It feels as though We were rejoined...reunited from a past life, where We loved with all Our hearts then kindred...destiny...

Sometimes i wonder if He knows that my GAGA increases for Him every day...that i cannot wait to see Him when He's gone to work...that i love Him with every fiber of my being...i wonder if He knows...


  1. so wonderful Kitten :)
    so good to have such feelings!! i cant wait to go GAGA over someone, to fall deeply in GAGA with my one true love!!
    and of course he knows! i am sure he can feel every moment of every day

  2. I don't know whether to be glad or sorry that I have never had such feelings, kitten. Do I lack some essential feature? It certainly sounds wonderful, but I feel I would lack independence if I felt like that about anybody. But I suppose you don't actually WANT independence - that's the whole point, is it?

  3. *giggles @ Malcolm*

    Dear, I am quite independent - the moral of the story is that my feelings for Him feel as fresh (and even stronger) as the day I met Him. As His submissive, I have not given up on being independent or self sufficient. He takes care of me and We like the power exchange of Dom and sub, but I have not and will not lose myself in any relationship. He enjoys my independence, as well as the other valuable qualities I have had since We first met.

    What I do by surrendering to Him, I do willingly and joyfully. Being owned by Him makes me feel as free as a butterfly fluttering around a beautiful garden.