Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Morning Rituals

*stretches & leans over to turn the alarm off*

As i pull on my sweats, i take a look at my sleeping's dark in the room, so all i can see is a form in Our bed, but it makes me smile, for i know that my Master is under those covers.  i feel my morning surge of horniness, but know i have things that need to be done before i can even think of crawling back into bed...

To the washroom i go to lay out Master's toiletries (electric razor on the left, manual razor in the middle and His toothbrush on the right, with the shaving cream behind the manual razor), then i head downstairs, where i grab some butterfly lights (they glow with beautiful bright colors that change every few seconds) and place them all around for visual stimulation (at the bottom of the stairs, on the fireplace mantle, on the hallway shelf...all leading toward the living room, then the dining room and finally to the kitchen...

i make a pot of coffee, grab my laptop, place it on the dining room table and play a Medley of Japanese Meditation Music very softly with the pictures opened to full screen for added visual when entering the dining room.  As i wait for the coffee to be ready, i straighten up the living room and dining room, making sure everything is in its place (according to me anyway ~giggles~).  i spritz some air freshener (ocean breeze) in each room, so it smells sweet, but not too overpowering (just a hint of flowers at the beach)...

Then, with a mug of hot black coffee, i head back upstairs to Our bedroom, quietly place the coffee on His nightstand, remove my clothing and crawl back into bed to cuddle.  His alarm goes off (30 minutes after mine) and He hits the snooze button.  That's when i begin the soft scratches and tickles all over His body.  This is my happy place, for there is no distraction of dogs or teenagers...just Our naked bodies in a quiet serenity.  i kiss His shoulder blades and breathe in His scent and i feel intoxicated...

He hits the snooze button a few more times until He is ready to emerge from His peaceful slumber and comfort of my moving hands on His body and reaches for His coffee.  After a few sips, We put on some casual house clothes and wander downstairs.  He is in front of me, so i cannot see His facial expressions as He passes by the glowing butterflies on the stairs and through the other rooms, when the soft hint of music and fresh scents permeate Our senses...

He sits on the breakfast bar and begins to look through His phone at various social medias and world news, as i lay an apples and cinnamon nutri-bar on the counter, which He grabs and noshes makes me smile.  We talk about upcoming events and trivial things that pop into Our minds and He eventually grabs His house book to write down the day's assignments and tasks for me to complete while He is away and excitement fills my heart, as i get to do what He wants me to do, making me feel all tingly and submissive...

i begin to make lunch for Him and Our 16 year old son.  i have not been asked to do this, but it gives me great joy to know that they will be eating well and i take care in what i put in they lunch bags too...yummy sandwiches, a Tupperware filled with some previously made pasta (shells, tuna, peas and light mayo), some chips, some cut up carrots and celery, a baggy of dill pickles and a couple of His favorite chocolate devil cookies *grins*

Before they leave, i fill a to-go cup of coffee for my Master to take with Him, receive tons of sweet kisses and hugs and after a piercing look into my eyes, which says a lot, they leave...

After i close the door, i put the dogs outside on a long leash, walk to the kitchen, grab the house book to see what my day entails *claps* and grab the laptop to go through my social medias, including the writing of this blog...

Typical day for me and i love every minute of it!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The kiss

There i was, in a crowded airport with loudness from people coming and going, the ringing of the slot machines and announcements from the airlines and security...i could barely hear myself think!  As i paced back and forth waiting to see His face in person for the first time, my heart beat felt like it was about to burst out of my chest.  My palms were sweaty and my knees were shaky, for not only had i been waiting for this moment for 2 months now, i had been waiting for this moment all my life....

Then i saw Him and time seemed to stand still as the escalator slowly carried Him down to my level.  Strangely, the noise all around me seemed to have disappear as He got closer and closer.  Our eyes met and locked onto each other and created a tunnel-vision where the hundreds of people in between and all around Us became a muffled nonexistent hush, until finally He was within close range...

He dropped His luggage, cupped my face in His hands and gently said, " does not do you are so beautiful!"  With that, He slowly moved His lips towards mine until Our faces melted into each other.  His fingers moved through my hair towards the base of my scalp and clenched a fistful, taking control of my head, pushing me deeper into His mouth.  His tongue invaded me so desperately and instantly, i was His possession...

The kiss lasted for what seemed an eternity, as though no one else existed...i knew i was wet with passion and yearned to be alone with Him, but that would have to wait, as We were not alone.  In fact, He had two other soldiers that accompanied Him to the desert for a military seminar.  He introduced the others to me and it was difficult to take Our eyes off each other.  We both yearned to be with each other...i was desperate to have Him inside me, to taste Him, to feel Him take possession of me, every inch of me, but for now, the kiss would just have to be enough...

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Ten Worlds

Most days are filled with joy.  Joy to be alive and have the ability to make a difference in the lives of those around me.  Joy in finding the love of my life.  Joy for the freedom to be myself everyday and so many other wonderful things in my life that i am grateful for.  i am generally a very happy person...i have even been told i am too happy a couple of times and to tone it down, but i realized that my happiness (or light, if you will) if too bright can make the darkness that some feel, feel even darker. 

There are, of course, things in my life that are not perfect, so i work on weight for example.  i try not to let things get me down, but some days i am not successful and i allow myself to be brought down.  i call these days, "Dark Days."

i was raised a Buddhist and believe that Heaven and Hell are places that exist within us, not an external place you go to after you die.  There are also many states of life that one can feel in between Heaven and Hell as well and i do my best to rise above my fundamental darkness and negativity, but occasionally, i lose sight of all that is good in my life and the light seems to fade from within me...Dark Days.

To give you a better idea of the different life conditions we all have within us, the following are what is known as the "Ten Worlds"

Hell: A state of suffering and despair in which we perceive we have no freedom of action. It is characterized by the impulse to destroy ourselves and everything around us.
Hunger: The state of being controlled by insatiable desire for money, power, status etc. While desires are inherent in any of the Ten Worlds, in this state we are at the mercy of our cravings and cannot control them.
Animality: In this state, we are ruled by instinct with neither reason nor moral sense nor the ability to make long-range judgments. We operate by the law of the jungle and will not hesitate to take advantage of those weaker than ourselves and fawn on those who are stronger.
Anger: Here, awareness of ego emerges, but it is a selfish, greedy, distorted ego, determined to best others at all costs and seeing everything as a potential threat to itself. In this state we value only ourselves and tend to hold others in contempt.
Humanity: (also called Tranquility): This is a flat, passive state of life, from which we can easily shift into the lower four worlds. While we may generally behave in a humane fashion in this state, we are highly vulnerable to strong external influences.
Heaven: (or Rapture): This is a state of intense joy stemming, for example, from the fulfillment of some desire, a sense of physical well-being, or inner contentment. Though intense, the joy experienced in this state is short-lived and also vulnerable to external influences.
Learning: In this state, we seek the truth through studying the teachings or experience of others.
Realization: In this state we seek the truth not through others' teachings but through our own direct perception of the world.
Having realized the impermanence of things, people in these states have won a measure of independence and are no longer prisoner to their own reactions as in the six paths. However, they often tend to be contemptuous of people in the six paths who have not yet reached this understanding. In addition, their search for truth is primarily self-oriented, so there is a great potential for egotism in these two states.
Bodhisattva: Bodhisattvas are those who aspire to achieve enlightenment and at the same time are equally determined to enable all other beings to do the same. Conscious of the bonds that link us to all others, in this state we realize that any happiness we alone enjoy is incomplete, and we devote ourselves to alleviating others' suffering. Those in this state find their greatest satisfaction in altruistic behavior.
Buddhahood: Buddhahood is a dynamic state that is difficult to describe. We can partially describe it as a state of perfect freedom, in which we are enlightened to the ultimate truth of life. It is characterized by infinite compassion and boundless wisdom. In this state, we can resolve harmoniously what appear from the standpoint of the nine worlds to be insoluble contradictions. A Buddhist sutra describes the attributes of the Buddha's life as a true self, perfect freedom from karmic bonds throughout eternity, a life purified of illusion, and absolute happiness.

Anyway, when i have a Dark Day, it's like waking up on the wrong side of the bed and you can't figure out why.  Most days, i wake up feeling like a lion ready to take o my day and overcome any obstacles that come my way.  Thankfully, my Dark Days are far and few between and typically only last one day, so i am going to go to bed now and wake to a new day and another chance to manifest the best of me.

i feel a little better having this off my chest...attempts a smile :)


Saturday, September 1, 2012

The Little Things

Today, i want to talk about how much joy i get from taking care of SirW.  Yes, while He is my Dom and takes care of me completely, i am His sub and wife and highly enjoy taking care of His wishes, needs and desires.
My joy is slightly neurotic at times, i admit, but my need to please my Master justifies my going a tad overboard...for example: In the mornings, one of my tasks is to make coffee and quietly place it on His nightstand.  There are days though, when the coffee may sit because He is not ready to wake up.  When this happens, i will typically replace the coffee on a hourly (and sometimes each 30 minutes) with a new cup and pour the previous coffee back into the coffee pot, so that the coffee He finally picks up is hot and drinkable.
It is my lot in life to provide as much joy and happiness to His/Our world as possible, so everything matters, even and maybe especially the little things...
Update:  The past few months with my Master have been so incredible. We got married, challenges with the children (16 & 18) have been great for me, as it allows me to experience motherhood at the core :) Eczema, well, that is still an ongoing issue, but i am confident that i will triumph over that soon. 
In good health,