Saturday, September 1, 2012

The Little Things

Today, i want to talk about how much joy i get from taking care of SirW.  Yes, while He is my Dom and takes care of me completely, i am His sub and wife and highly enjoy taking care of His wishes, needs and desires.
My joy is slightly neurotic at times, i admit, but my need to please my Master justifies my going a tad overboard...for example: In the mornings, one of my tasks is to make coffee and quietly place it on His nightstand.  There are days though, when the coffee may sit because He is not ready to wake up.  When this happens, i will typically replace the coffee on a hourly (and sometimes each 30 minutes) with a new cup and pour the previous coffee back into the coffee pot, so that the coffee He finally picks up is hot and drinkable.
It is my lot in life to provide as much joy and happiness to His/Our world as possible, so everything matters, even and maybe especially the little things...
Update:  The past few months with my Master have been so incredible. We got married, challenges with the children (16 & 18) have been great for me, as it allows me to experience motherhood at the core :) Eczema, well, that is still an ongoing issue, but i am confident that i will triumph over that soon. 
In good health,

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