Friday, January 27, 2012

A year ago...

1 year ago, i was sitting at my computer on Facebook in my computer room and posted a picture of a hot young blond with a funky haircut and asked my Facebook friends if they thought it would be a good look for me.  Positive responses came in letting me know to go for it.  Then i noticed someone i did not know clicked the 'LIKE' button.  i was curious who this person was and which friend we had in common, so i took a peek and saw that the friend was someone i knew from an online game i had played for a long time.  This girl was a very nice girl, married with a young daughter.  Feeling feisty that day, i decided to send this guy a message, letting him know that the picture he clicked on was not me, but a hot young chick who had a haircut i was considering and that i could be her mother!  The man (W) informed me that he was well aware of this fact...and also mentioned that he took a look at my pictures and found me to be attractive too.

The 1st few days, we Facebook messaged, then spoke, then landed on skype that same week.  One day i told Him i felt like a sexy little school girl around him and purred.  From that day forward, He called me 'kitten."  He immediately recognized that i was submissive...i did not know much about the D/s world (i learned about it from a friend just a few months earlier and was intrigued, but not enough to do anything about it).  Still in the 1st week of meeting, He became my Dom and i, His sub - just like that and things really started to get interesting! *giggles*

Two months of skyping every night for hours, celebrating His birthday in January and Valentines Day in February, training me as His submissive, it was decided He would come to visit me from Canada.  A few days prior to His arrival, i found the perfect apartment and my dogs and i moved in just in time for His visit.  The first time i saw Him in Gawd He is so beautiful.  How could it be that He was even more gorgeous in person than on skype...i felt weak as He approached me in the airport, cupped my face in His hands and kissed me for what seemed like an eternity (during the kiss, one hand moved to my hair and tugged and it was all over from there...

Here W/we are, 1 year later and incredibly happy together.  W/we look forward to sharing every day with each other and are sooo excited about closing the gap on O/our distance within this year.  The memories that W/we have created should be written as a novel, for it is truly a love story that is totally extraordinary.

Happy Anniversary, Sir!

XxXOoO--Your kitten


Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Wise Man said

A young girl once asked a wise Man, “Sir, how will i know when i’ve found the perfect Man for me?”

The wise Man said, “Ahhh…I see you are in love.  But you are so young, how do you know you will not fall in love with another?  What is it about this Man you love?  Is He handsome?  Does he have a great job?  Is He rich?  Does He drive a nice car and own a beautiful home?  What if the One you love has some of these qualities and down the road, another comes and possess more of these qualities?  What if 10 Men all have most of these qualities…would you fall in love with A/all of them?

My suggestion is to take away all these qualities away and look at the qualities you cannot see, such as His nature, His heart, His kindness, His spirit, His patience, His selflessness, His nurturing side, His emotional support, His passion, His honor, His pride, His temper, His compassion towards others, His respect of you & others.  Look at all the qualities that have nothing to do with what He has, but what He is and ask yourself if this is the One you truly love without all the outer materialistic qualities.

When i first heard this story, i was so touched that i began to cry...then i did just as the wise Man asked and learned something that day…

…i wholeheartedly love SirW for who He is.  He is everything to me in every way, and it is my lot in life to be everything to Him for the rest of my time with Him, however long that may be.  One never knows how long W/we have on this Earth or when the One W/we love dies (or it is O/our time to die), so it is important to live life to the fullest and treat those Y/you love as though it is Y/your (or Their) last day on Earth with them.

Sir, You have captured me completely: my heart and soul and just want You to know how happy i have been since You entered my life.  If this were my last day on Earth, please know that You have made my life complete.

Always & Forever yours,


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Prrrrrrr! probably the best way to describe how kitten is feeling these days…
Last week, SirW and i talked about how, somewhere along the course of a LDR, the need to be together full-time becomes overwhelming and comes to a head, so to speak.  Though I’ve wanted to be with SirW pretty much 11 months ago (LOL), W/we talked about the individual circumstances that W/we each had that required O/our attention and decided W/we would take things slow. 
On Friday, SirW and i will be celebrating O/our being together for 1 year, truly the best year of my life!  W/we are so much in love…as Man and woman, Dom and sub, Soul M/mates.  The things that W/we were going through in the beginning of O/our relationship have become things that are behind U/us now, and as O/our lives work their way towards a bright future, the reasons for not closing the gap between U/us starts to fade away.
As i have said before, if home is where the heart is, then my home is in Canada…
…and so, a decision has been made:
i am honored and delighted to tell E/everyone that by this time next year, SirW and i will finally be together – kitten is moving to Canada!!!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Re: my Deleted post entitled “Sad kitten”

i have never deleted a post, but i did in fact delete it during what SirW would call a ‘Hissy Fit’ last night.  i am sort of glad i did, because i usually like to have a conclusion to my stories…
The post basically went on to say that i fucked up, which was so true…long story short, i made a very important decision without discussing it with my Dom first.  i am not a slave and He does not want to know my every move, but important things should be discussed with a partner, vanilla and non-vanilla, so i was dead wrong here.
To elaborate the exact situation, i started the HCG diet.  This involves me injecting myself with a needle (in my/His stomach) with a fluid that is supposed to trick my body into feeding me 1500 calories from the inside, while i eat 500 calories on the outside.  Anyway, i was so excited when i went to the Dr. and learned about this and out of my previous habit of doing what i felt like for so many years prior to meeting SirW and being owned, i started the diet right away, not thinking that SirW and i should have discussed this before i made the decision to begin.  When i did tell Him, a few days later, i could tell He was not pleased.  How could I do something to my/His body…i am owned right?  How disrespectful and un-submissive of me!  He remained calm, but ran through a range of emotions about me injecting a foreign substance in my/His body and the possible outcomes.  He digested His thoughts and then brought them to me.  It was not pretty, but necessary to get His point across.  It made me so sad that i disappointed Him and i spent that night and the next day (yesterday) so lost in thoughts of sadness.
The outcome: i was sent to my knees, eyes to the ground while He proceeded to correct the situation verbally.  i promised to discuss all important things with Him, as my Dom, as my Partner.
i am so fortunate to have Him in my life, caring about me in every way…i am not used to it, but as He put it, “Get Used To It!!!”  So, a very important lesson learned and a plateau for O/our relationship has passed, leaving U/us closer than before the situation, which i did not even think possible J
It’s all part of my submissive journey with SirW, right?  i am a happy kitten having learned and feel like i have grown from this experience, which is always a good thing.  i am submissive, not super-human, and capable of making mistakes, but will always take responsibility and full accountability for my shortcomings and learn frm them.  This kind of self-improvement / change is awesome!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

kitten's Calm

No matter how the emotions take hold of His kitten and/or the things/people in His environment, SirW remains calm, cool and collected.  He may not be happy about the situation, but He does not lose His composure.  He does not yell, nor does He play games...He just works 'it' out with His brain and His heart and does not allow His emotions to determine His words, thoughts and/or actions.  He has patience with the things in His life: work, children, O/our LDR and other things: He brings balance to them.  He brings me peace and keeps me steady, He is my rock...He is my Calm.


Monday, January 16, 2012


i try to live my life in the present, but for this post, i need to explain a little about my past in order for there to be a better understanding of my thoughts on TRUST…
But first, please know that i also believe that everything happens for a reason.  i've grown with the good AND bad things that i have experienced and through my struggles, i am who i am today:  His kitten.
i met and married a man when i was in my twenties.  After 5 years of bliss, he got into an accident and found himself in the worst pain one could imagine.  The numerous doctors could not understand why.  All the scans and tests were done – all the medications were given – everything that we could possibly do was done, but for the next 5 years, he could not function properly, screaming and crying all the time, not being able to work…his mother and i watched him like a hawk in fear of him taking his life to end the life filled with pain.  Then one day, one doctor said, “Hmmm…his jaw is completely off…i want to send him to a dental neurosurgeon.  Long story-short, a mouthpiece was made for him and he was out of most of the pain and returned to work just 3 weeks later.  Even longer story-shorter…without much detail, he had an affair on me with a co-worker.  This was devastating, as i never EVER thought he would betray me like this.  Not after all we had been through.  But he did and was very sorry about it, so i decided to try and make our marriage work.  Counseling and constant communication helped, but he kept doing little things every year or so (300+ text messages to a number that belonged to a girl at work and other things that i was not OK with).  i remember what it felt like to have 100% TRUST in him and finally came to the conclusion that I would never get that back.
i asked for a divorce, so we separated and eventually got divorced.  i wondered if i would be able to find myself again and be able to TRUST again…
When i met SirW, i was not looking for a relationship…i wanted to have casual conversations, cyber-sex even, but nothing serious.  W/we simply clicked… together like two intricate puzzle pieces  and W/we both felt it right from the start.  He too was not looking for a relationship, but somehow, the stars aligned and the forces of the universe brought U/us together.  It’s been a year now and i can honestly say that i TRUST Him with my life.  Trust was not given between U/us immediately – it was earned on both O/our parts.
  i feel His love and commitment & know He feels mine.  My words, thoughts and actions have Him in mind.  Where i go, i represent U/us, and He does the same for me.  It is more than mere respect: it is a vow W/we hold dear - a bond W/we have that is unbreakable.  This is how a beautiful relationship should be.  The fundamentals of BDSM:  Honesty, Respect, Trust & Obedience (that one’s mine-lol) are exactly what W/we have. If i were to fall backwards, i know He would catch me.
W/we been asked by various people on several occasions, “How can Y/you maintain such a great Long Distance Relationship (LDR)?”  The answer is simple:  It was meant to be.
With peace, joy and love in my heart,


Friday, January 13, 2012


RULE # 3: Pain and pleasure shall be with me always: in my thoughts and fantasies
Mmmmm: the anticipation is delicious!

So...i have been on Orgasm denial for a few days.  Aside from that, training has been very minimal because it was my first week back to work from the holiday vacation and He wanted to make sure i got settled in (mentally, etc.).  Last night before W/we concluded O/our skype session, SirW grinned His evil grin and mentioned that tomorrow (Friday) would be the continuation of my hardcore submissive training.  He gave an evil chuckle and said, There will be pleasure and there will be pain and then grinned evilly again!  The anticipation is eating away at me as the time ticks so slowly today *giggles* Yes, most of my training happens over skype, but believe me, SirW is extremely creative - i am sooo excited about this weekend!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

How do Y/you spell RELIEF???

U. N. P. E. G.

Last night, as per most skype nights, SirW had me 'peg' my nipples with the wooden clothespins i keep on my computer table.  After some conversation, He told me to remove them.  This had a pain factor of 2 on a scale of 1 to 10.  He has never made me go to 10, but W/we got to 9 once and don't care to return and if i ever reach a 10, my Safeword would probably be called.  

Anyway, Then He had me peg them again...after the blood had already returned to them.  He kept them on much longer as W/we conversed this time, but after a while, He had me remove them again.  My pain level was at 4, when He immediately had me peg again, but with turned pegs, so that the nipples were pinched in the opposite direction, which caused my pain level to shoot to a 6.  Anything over a pain level of 5, i practice the breathing method He taught me: a deep breath through the nose (with a closed mouth) and hold for 3 seconds, release and repeat until the pain subsides, and it always does.  He knows i am ready to continue 'whatever' when my smile returns and i nod, either with my head or my eyes or He just knows from knowing me (lol).  Sometimes, He will have me wet the pegs prior to attaching them to the nipples, which might sound soothing, but after they dry and are removed, HELLO Pain Level 7 or 8!  i have found that wine over water is even worse for some reason.  He did not have me wet them last night though.   O/our more serious training will commence this weekend, which has me filled with such my heart, my head and, of course, His pussy - especially since i am on Orgasm Denial until then, BUT:  He can make the decision to have me orgasm at any given moment...

Last night, out of nowhere, He tells me to get into 'Open Position' on the floor and i obeyed without hesitation.  He commanded me to play with myself, so i started to rub myself silly immediately, and after a little while (especially with His sounds of being pleased at what He was seeing), i got so turned on and close to being able to release, then closer and finally, i begged Him to allow me to cum, when His dry, calm, Dom voice of steel said, "You may stop now kitten."

He told me to come up into my computer chair and had me close my eyes, lean my head back, hold my hands to my collar (where He could see them - lol) and simply said, "Release kitten."  He gave me permission to release, but not to touch myself in order to achieve it.  i was only allowed to rely on His voice and my mind, so i imagined Him being with me, touching me, licking me, sucking me, fucking me and the tears began to flow as i fought my mind knowing He was not here, which made me yearn that much more.  i wanted to please Him so badly that i relaxed my mind and went to another place all together, when body gave in to His demand and i came.  What a tense mix of emotions that followed...i giggled, i cried, i really wanted to be held and given some aftercare, but that was not possible.  Still, what happened was rather strange for me: to Release on Command.

SirW has mentioned from time to time, especially in the beginning stages of O/our relationship, that He would be training me on, among other things, releasing on command, even from a phone call telling me to do so and it seemed impossible, but sure enough, it happened.  Strange, but wonderful.

Another memorable's only been a little over a week away from SirW and yet i need Him so badly.  i am happy, but have dreams of there being no distance between U/ day.


Wednesday, January 11, 2012

i'm in DENIAL!

SirW has placed His kitten on Orgasm Denial!  It's not a punishment - it's training!  SirW informed me that He is stepping up O/our (my submissive) training this weekend.  There is always madness to His method...wait...that's not right:  Method to His either case, He is simply mad with desire to further my submissive training! *wink*

Of course, it won't just be a simple orgasm denial...i will be taunted with things that will have me dripping wet.  He had me read one of my BDSM books last night (Esoteria-1: there are 6 in the series i believe), which was hot Hot HOT!   As He predicted, i was wet, bothered and squirmy *giggles*  i woke up this morning and as usual, i was a frisky (HORNY!) kitten, wishing i could hump on SirW's leg to signify that His kitten had an itch that needed to be scratched, after all:  It's Hump Day, right???  By the time He has me release all my built up tension, i'll be flowing like De Nile!

Make it a great day Y/ya'll! 

kitten {SirW}

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Rule # 5

Rule # FIVE:   I will not be passive in serving my Dom. i will Aggressively participate in my exchange with Him.

Are there partners that just lie there and not move during heated moments of passion?  i do not hold back - i completely let go!

This brings me back to a certain night SirW and i spent together.  The whole day was amazing, but it was in the evening, when there were no kids around that SirW and i laid comfortably on the couch watching television.  First, please allow me to admit that SirW's kisses are sensual, passionate and make me so hot and wet that, after only a few minutes of it, my body needs to merge with His - He is seriously intoxicating to me, even without a touch...heat radiates from me when He is near me.  After a few minutes of kissing, i practically begged Him to take me, saying i needed Him so badly to be inside me.  With a blanket on top of U/us, He removed His pants, as did i and resumed kissing me as He laid on top of me.  After being together for a year (nearly), He has learned how to make my body feel things i rarely felt my whole life, knowing exactly where to thrust, how hard or gentle and with various paces in order to build an explosion within me.  

Rule # 5 allows me to be aggressive with Him during moments like these, so as my finger tips grabbed His ass and moved it in the rhythm my body movements matched His, when He whispered in my ear, "Fuck me kitten," which just drove me crazy with lust and passion!  The orgasm started to build even faster after that, as His pussy tightened around His perfect cock until i found myself on the edge...the delicious edge that i try to hold on to...this is where control is most difficult, but i need it so badly, for i have yet to ask for permission to release, not knowing if it will be granted or not.  i called out, "Sir!  Sir!?  Sir?!?"  He whispered, "Yes kitten?"  i called out, "May i cum for You Sir?"  "Yes kitten," He replied.  Upon hearing the word 'Yes' i exploded and immediately started giggling, as i normally do when He gives me an orgasm.  Fucking amazing, the chemistry W/we have together - pure magic!

But that was not the end of it - not even was now time for a different position! *giggles*  SirW is the first Man that has made fucking His ass highly enjoyable.  Never have i loved being fucked in the ass the way i do with SirW.  In fact, i have only tried it a couple of times prior and each time, it was so painful and horrible that i thought i would never like it.  i was dead just took the right partner to bring out the best in me.  i love it when He takes His kitten's ass and moans with ecstasy...just hearing Him moan makes me build another orgasm.  The rhythm, heat and wetness that takes over O/our bodies is amazing.  i love pushing back on Him, making sure He slams into me fully and after rocking back and forth, i turn my head around for some kissing - that was when W/we could no longer keep the control.  i started to rub His clit and i could hear His moans tell me He was ready to fill me.  He said, "Cum kitten, Cum!"  And at the same time, W/we both exploded...fucking unbelievable! 

There are many memories that get me hot when i think about them, but this one in particular is in my top 5! 

Enjoy the rest of Y/your day, dear reader *smiles*


Monday, January 9, 2012

Rituals and Tasks

At the end of most skype nights, SirW assigns His kitten the task(s) for the following day.  This is usually reserved for week days, with the occasional Saturday or Sunday, depending on what's going on.  i keep a file called "Dailies" for my records.  Typically, the tasks are in 2 parts:  kitten's morning 15 minute ritual (the tasks vary every time, so i never know what He will have me do) and an assignment i refer to as "Word Usage" - this consists of Him giving me 3 (or more, depending on if i misbehaved during O/our skype session or not) words to be used in 3 different conversations with a different person per word.  Sometimes the words are connected to things that took place during O/our skype session and other times, the words are random words that are very difficult to use, especially in a professional environment, like "Gorilla" or "Vibrator."  Some days, He will have me drive to work with little balls or marbles in His pussy or with nipples clamped with my favorite butterfly clamps.

This morning, my task was to play with myself in front of a full length mirror and to study my face as i get aroused all the way to climax (yes, He granted me permission to release (sometimes, He will allow play with no release, so i thought i would clarify).  He told me that He loves the way my face flushes, my nipples harden and other things, so i looked for those things...and saw them...and more.  It was amusing actually.  My eyes turn from green to grey, my nostrils flare uncontrollably, i moan as i get really close and when i finally get to the point of no return, i gasp sharply...then as i cum, His pussy pulsates and i giggle incessantly like a naughty school girl *giggles*

There are also days, where He will text me a random task to be completed right then and there or things to do on the way home, like pull into the market parking lot and make myself cum (sometimes before i shop, then after i shopped - lol).

No matter what He has me do, it gives me the greatest pleasure.  Knowing my actions are in control by Him makes it all so delicious and private between U/us.

i sincerely hope that other sub's experience the fun and excitement of daily tasks - i fucking love'em!



Sunday, January 8, 2012

He brings me so much

The way the ropes feel against my wrists and ankles as they are stretched away from my body into an "X" shape.  The blind fold, which heightens my sense of smell and hearing.  The anticipation of what will happen next during O/our scene.  The crack of His whip against my skin.  The falls of His various floggers that slap on all areas of my body.  The gag that makes my saliva build.  The burn of wax that drips all over me.  The pain with the different clamps and pegs that squeeze His nipples.  The electric sensations i feel from the Violet Wand.  The sting of His paddles and the smack of His cane on His ass.  The way His pussy drips from the pulling of my hair and His kiss.  His touch to see if i'm wet.  His whispers in my ear.  The way my body shivers in coldness and my teeth chatter after a while.  The warm blanket and caresses, as He sits me in front of the fire place to bring me back.  The look in His eyes that says how satisfying O/our interaction is, both vanilla and D/s.  The way His eyes light up with His laugh.  The intense stare when i play with myself for Him.  The groans He makes when He fucks His submissive slut in all His openings.  The delicious taste of Him when He feeds His kitten.  How i long for His Domination.  How i yearn to see His face and hear His voice.  How i absolutely need to please Him.  The feeling i get when i am in submissive position and He says nothing for a while.  The butterflies that are in my gut right before i get of the plane to see Him.  The numbness i feel when one of U/us leaves.  The excitement from completing one of His tasks.  Snuggling on the couch as W/we watch movies for hours.  Waking up next to Him.  His kiss on my shoulder in the morning.  The way He drums on the steering wheel when W/we drive places.  The tender way He takes care of His cats.  The strength He has when dealing with His struggles.  The romantic ideas He comes up with to make beautiful memories together.  The times when He brushes or runs His fingers through my hair.  His energy and stamina, which never seems to run out.  The way He needs His coffee at all hours of the day.  The way He makes me laugh.  The way He sees my body.  The way He enjoys my mind and playfulness and even my bratty times.  The safety i feel knowing He is taking care of me.  The love i feel for Him.  The love i feel from Him. 

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Beautiful Disaster

SirW has the biggest heart.  He is so thoughtful and will go above and beyond for me, even diving into an unknown world to pull happiness out of me, for example:

SirW and i have a lot in common, but W/we are two people with some differences in various things, one of which is O/our favorite food.  Mine happens to be SUSHI - Ahh, the taste of Spicy Tuna...just the words get me going.  i salivate just thinking about the endorphins that will emerge when i stick a piece of sushi in my mouth - the mix of wasabe (Green Horseradish), red chili paste and soy sauce with my favorite Kamikaze Sushi (Spicy Tuna inside with Eel and Avocado on the outside and a sweet Teriyaki sauce and sesame sprinkle) YUMMY!  i don't like all sushi, especially the eclectic Americanized sushi...the kind made with mayonnaise and/or cream cheese - this is not old fashioned sushi to me and i will have no part of it *giggles*

SirW will eat most fish, but sushi?  Fah-get-abou-dit!  He compromises though...He will eat Teriyaki Chicken or Beef while i stuff my face full of raw fish *smiles* He does not care for shell fish (bottom dwellers as He refers to it), but He is willing to make lobster, shrimp and things He does not care for, for me.  Before i came down to see Him, He informed me that He got all the necessary tools to make me sushi at home.  i was not looking forward to it because raw fish really needs to be handled with care...surfaces need to be disinfected, hands too, so i was a little apprehensive, but did not want to burst His bubble...after all, He was doing it for me as a thoughtful gesture because He knows how much i love sushi.

The night was upon U/us, and out of the refrigerator came the ingredients.  He was so fucking cute about it.  He made the sticky rice, laid out the bamboo square, got the sheet of saran wrap, the seaweed and proceeded to roll my sushi.  Sounds easy, right?  WRONG!  It was rolled and rerolled and soon, the job was as done as it was going to get:  a Beautiful Disaster!  i was nervous to eat this, but i wanted to show Him i was grateful for His attempt and His kindhearted gesture.  He was so sweet in wanting to do this for me, so i ate it...piece by piece and it actually tasted pretty darn good for it not being done at a sushi restaurant by a professional.
His daughter giggled at the look of the sushi roll SirW made for me and was determined to get it right, but by the time she was finished (and it looked real pretty), i had had my fill of home made sushi...for ever (LOL).

The bottom line is that i love SirW's desire to please His kitten.  Everything He does for me, to me, with me is absolutely wonderful and more than pleases me, but it is His stepping out of His comfort zone into my world that is so touching to me.  i will never forget sushi night at SirW's house - a Beautiful Disaster, but a loving memory i will cherish until the day i die!

In good health,

kitten {SirW}

Friday, January 6, 2012

i am kitten - hear me rawr!

What did i expect?  After spending 9 days with SirW and getting my fix of Sex, intimacy, More Sex, Domination, Additional Sex, Tender loving...SEX, it's no wonder i am aching for Him 24/7 - RAWR!  i wake up wanting, become wet when i think about Him during the day and go to bed aching.  Don't get me wrong, it's not just sex, i ache for Him:  for His in person stare, smile, hugs, hand holding, hand-on-lap-while-driving and just sitting next to Him while watching movies or eating dinner - this month marks O/our 1 year together and i could not be happier or prouder to be His kitten!  He has given me everything (much more than everything actually) a partner could want in a relationship.  Holy shit, i love this Man!!!

i must also report that in between visits, the yearning and longing is also wonderful.  Each new dawn has me counting the minutes until W/we skype in the evening, wondering what He will have me do...will he have me clamp my nipples, play with myself for Him, instruct me in roping myself, have me blind fold myself as he has me read His rules to Him?  The anticipation of O/our skype nights is so delicious *licks lips*

Anyone wondering if a LDR can work, please let me say that i am living proof.  If W/we have a soul mate, how silly is it to assume H/he or S/she is in the same city as Y/you?  Open Y/your mind and allow fate to play a part in Y/your life - Y/you might just be taken by surprise *smiles*

That's all for now...just so elated about how far W/we've come and how much more there is to come - stay tuned!


Tuesday, January 3, 2012


But i left my heart in Canada *cries*  W/we have so much to be thankful for and yet...when the time comes that W/we part company, even though O/our love is stronger and O/our communication is tight, the yearning and longing begins to pull at U/us - i guess i can only speak for myself actually...a part of me is chest hurts, my eyes want to cry and yet, I am not sad...i am happy.  Happy that i have the love of my life, who loves me like i never thought i could be loved, who gives me the freedom to explore myself and find balance in all aspects of my existence.  The 1st week after a long visit is so hard...a touch of depression from someone who does not really get depressed sets in...i am numb and wish i was in His arms right now.  If home is where the heart is, then i am so far from home...

Now:  on to some things W/we did *smiles with her eyes* - W/we had a couple of really awesome sessions in His dungeon (when the kids weren't home of course *giggle*).  He tried some new toys on me:  Violent Wand (yes, i know it's called the Violet Wand).  A glove that had buzzing sensors on the fingertips, a glove that had metal hook-ish claws, a new whip (my first time being whipped) left me feeling like whipped cream - WUWU!!  W/we really went to town and had a blast as Dom and sub.  W/we went to His weekly slosh (i went there once the last time i visited Him) and it was awesome - after the slosh, W/we went to some D/s friends house and i got suspended by a suspension rope master - totally awesome!!!

The outfit, chosen by SirW was quite festive and fitting for the occasion!  W/we had moments of tenderness as Man and woman and playful fun times as great friends.  W/we went to dinner, drank beer at the pub, shopped 'til W/we dropped and so much more.  9 days of pure heaven and now the memories tug at me, making me miss Him and the times W/we spent together.  Time always helps me through, but i just wanted to share my feelings.  Being in a LDR works for O/our situations, but it does not mean i would not jump for joy if W/we could be together full time.  I am a patient woman and am grateful for all W/we share in person and when W/we are together.  It is more than i could ever have hoped for in a beautiful union of two souls in love.