Friday, January 13, 2012


RULE # 3: Pain and pleasure shall be with me always: in my thoughts and fantasies
Mmmmm: the anticipation is delicious!

So...i have been on Orgasm denial for a few days.  Aside from that, training has been very minimal because it was my first week back to work from the holiday vacation and He wanted to make sure i got settled in (mentally, etc.).  Last night before W/we concluded O/our skype session, SirW grinned His evil grin and mentioned that tomorrow (Friday) would be the continuation of my hardcore submissive training.  He gave an evil chuckle and said, There will be pleasure and there will be pain and then grinned evilly again!  The anticipation is eating away at me as the time ticks so slowly today *giggles* Yes, most of my training happens over skype, but believe me, SirW is extremely creative - i am sooo excited about this weekend!

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  1. Creativity is a very scary thing when it is in the hands of a Dom. Anticipate and then (hopefully) enjoy. X