Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Rule # 5

Rule # FIVE:   I will not be passive in serving my Dom. i will Aggressively participate in my exchange with Him.

Are there partners that just lie there and not move during heated moments of passion?  i do not hold back - i completely let go!

This brings me back to a certain night SirW and i spent together.  The whole day was amazing, but it was in the evening, when there were no kids around that SirW and i laid comfortably on the couch watching television.  First, please allow me to admit that SirW's kisses are sensual, passionate and make me so hot and wet that, after only a few minutes of it, my body needs to merge with His - He is seriously intoxicating to me, even without a touch...heat radiates from me when He is near me.  After a few minutes of kissing, i practically begged Him to take me, saying i needed Him so badly to be inside me.  With a blanket on top of U/us, He removed His pants, as did i and resumed kissing me as He laid on top of me.  After being together for a year (nearly), He has learned how to make my body feel things i rarely felt my whole life, knowing exactly where to thrust, how hard or gentle and with various paces in order to build an explosion within me.  

Rule # 5 allows me to be aggressive with Him during moments like these, so as my finger tips grabbed His ass and moved it in the rhythm my body needed...my movements matched His, when He whispered in my ear, "Fuck me kitten," which just drove me crazy with lust and passion!  The orgasm started to build even faster after that, as His pussy tightened around His perfect cock until i found myself on the edge...the delicious edge that i try to hold on to...this is where control is most difficult, but i need it so badly, for i have yet to ask for permission to release, not knowing if it will be granted or not.  i called out, "Sir!  Sir!?  Sir?!?"  He whispered, "Yes kitten?"  i called out, "May i cum for You Sir?"  "Yes kitten," He replied.  Upon hearing the word 'Yes' i exploded and immediately started giggling, as i normally do when He gives me an orgasm.  Fucking amazing, the chemistry W/we have together - pure magic!

But that was not the end of it - not even close...it was now time for a different position! *giggles*  SirW is the first Man that has made fucking His ass highly enjoyable.  Never have i loved being fucked in the ass the way i do with SirW.  In fact, i have only tried it a couple of times prior and each time, it was so painful and horrible that i thought i would never like it.  i was dead wrong...it just took the right partner to bring out the best in me.  i love it when He takes His kitten's ass and moans with ecstasy...just hearing Him moan makes me build another orgasm.  The rhythm, heat and wetness that takes over O/our bodies is amazing.  i love pushing back on Him, making sure He slams into me fully and after rocking back and forth, i turn my head around for some kissing - that was when W/we could no longer keep the control.  i started to rub His clit and i could hear His moans tell me He was ready to fill me.  He said, "Cum kitten, Cum!"  And at the same time, W/we both exploded...fucking unbelievable! 

There are many memories that get me hot when i think about them, but this one in particular is in my top 5! 

Enjoy the rest of Y/your day, dear reader *smiles*



  1. As good as any stories I have read!