Thursday, January 12, 2012

How do Y/you spell RELIEF???

U. N. P. E. G.

Last night, as per most skype nights, SirW had me 'peg' my nipples with the wooden clothespins i keep on my computer table.  After some conversation, He told me to remove them.  This had a pain factor of 2 on a scale of 1 to 10.  He has never made me go to 10, but W/we got to 9 once and don't care to return and if i ever reach a 10, my Safeword would probably be called.  

Anyway, Then He had me peg them again...after the blood had already returned to them.  He kept them on much longer as W/we conversed this time, but after a while, He had me remove them again.  My pain level was at 4, when He immediately had me peg again, but with turned pegs, so that the nipples were pinched in the opposite direction, which caused my pain level to shoot to a 6.  Anything over a pain level of 5, i practice the breathing method He taught me: a deep breath through the nose (with a closed mouth) and hold for 3 seconds, release and repeat until the pain subsides, and it always does.  He knows i am ready to continue 'whatever' when my smile returns and i nod, either with my head or my eyes or He just knows from knowing me (lol).  Sometimes, He will have me wet the pegs prior to attaching them to the nipples, which might sound soothing, but after they dry and are removed, HELLO Pain Level 7 or 8!  i have found that wine over water is even worse for some reason.  He did not have me wet them last night though.   O/our more serious training will commence this weekend, which has me filled with such my heart, my head and, of course, His pussy - especially since i am on Orgasm Denial until then, BUT:  He can make the decision to have me orgasm at any given moment...

Last night, out of nowhere, He tells me to get into 'Open Position' on the floor and i obeyed without hesitation.  He commanded me to play with myself, so i started to rub myself silly immediately, and after a little while (especially with His sounds of being pleased at what He was seeing), i got so turned on and close to being able to release, then closer and finally, i begged Him to allow me to cum, when His dry, calm, Dom voice of steel said, "You may stop now kitten."

He told me to come up into my computer chair and had me close my eyes, lean my head back, hold my hands to my collar (where He could see them - lol) and simply said, "Release kitten."  He gave me permission to release, but not to touch myself in order to achieve it.  i was only allowed to rely on His voice and my mind, so i imagined Him being with me, touching me, licking me, sucking me, fucking me and the tears began to flow as i fought my mind knowing He was not here, which made me yearn that much more.  i wanted to please Him so badly that i relaxed my mind and went to another place all together, when body gave in to His demand and i came.  What a tense mix of emotions that followed...i giggled, i cried, i really wanted to be held and given some aftercare, but that was not possible.  Still, what happened was rather strange for me: to Release on Command.

SirW has mentioned from time to time, especially in the beginning stages of O/our relationship, that He would be training me on, among other things, releasing on command, even from a phone call telling me to do so and it seemed impossible, but sure enough, it happened.  Strange, but wonderful.

Another memorable's only been a little over a week away from SirW and yet i need Him so badly.  i am happy, but have dreams of there being no distance between U/ day.


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