Saturday, January 7, 2012

Beautiful Disaster

SirW has the biggest heart.  He is so thoughtful and will go above and beyond for me, even diving into an unknown world to pull happiness out of me, for example:

SirW and i have a lot in common, but W/we are two people with some differences in various things, one of which is O/our favorite food.  Mine happens to be SUSHI - Ahh, the taste of Spicy Tuna...just the words get me going.  i salivate just thinking about the endorphins that will emerge when i stick a piece of sushi in my mouth - the mix of wasabe (Green Horseradish), red chili paste and soy sauce with my favorite Kamikaze Sushi (Spicy Tuna inside with Eel and Avocado on the outside and a sweet Teriyaki sauce and sesame sprinkle) YUMMY!  i don't like all sushi, especially the eclectic Americanized sushi...the kind made with mayonnaise and/or cream cheese - this is not old fashioned sushi to me and i will have no part of it *giggles*

SirW will eat most fish, but sushi?  Fah-get-abou-dit!  He compromises though...He will eat Teriyaki Chicken or Beef while i stuff my face full of raw fish *smiles* He does not care for shell fish (bottom dwellers as He refers to it), but He is willing to make lobster, shrimp and things He does not care for, for me.  Before i came down to see Him, He informed me that He got all the necessary tools to make me sushi at home.  i was not looking forward to it because raw fish really needs to be handled with care...surfaces need to be disinfected, hands too, so i was a little apprehensive, but did not want to burst His bubble...after all, He was doing it for me as a thoughtful gesture because He knows how much i love sushi.

The night was upon U/us, and out of the refrigerator came the ingredients.  He was so fucking cute about it.  He made the sticky rice, laid out the bamboo square, got the sheet of saran wrap, the seaweed and proceeded to roll my sushi.  Sounds easy, right?  WRONG!  It was rolled and rerolled and soon, the job was as done as it was going to get:  a Beautiful Disaster!  i was nervous to eat this, but i wanted to show Him i was grateful for His attempt and His kindhearted gesture.  He was so sweet in wanting to do this for me, so i ate it...piece by piece and it actually tasted pretty darn good for it not being done at a sushi restaurant by a professional.
His daughter giggled at the look of the sushi roll SirW made for me and was determined to get it right, but by the time she was finished (and it looked real pretty), i had had my fill of home made sushi...for ever (LOL).

The bottom line is that i love SirW's desire to please His kitten.  Everything He does for me, to me, with me is absolutely wonderful and more than pleases me, but it is His stepping out of His comfort zone into my world that is so touching to me.  i will never forget sushi night at SirW's house - a Beautiful Disaster, but a loving memory i will cherish until the day i die!

In good health,

kitten {SirW}


  1. I'm so glad you shared this story, kitten. It really was a loving gesture.


  2. That is so sweet that your Sir made you a very special dinner. Thank you for sharing with us :)

    Fondly. Sky