Friday, January 6, 2012

i am kitten - hear me rawr!

What did i expect?  After spending 9 days with SirW and getting my fix of Sex, intimacy, More Sex, Domination, Additional Sex, Tender loving...SEX, it's no wonder i am aching for Him 24/7 - RAWR!  i wake up wanting, become wet when i think about Him during the day and go to bed aching.  Don't get me wrong, it's not just sex, i ache for Him:  for His in person stare, smile, hugs, hand holding, hand-on-lap-while-driving and just sitting next to Him while watching movies or eating dinner - this month marks O/our 1 year together and i could not be happier or prouder to be His kitten!  He has given me everything (much more than everything actually) a partner could want in a relationship.  Holy shit, i love this Man!!!

i must also report that in between visits, the yearning and longing is also wonderful.  Each new dawn has me counting the minutes until W/we skype in the evening, wondering what He will have me do...will he have me clamp my nipples, play with myself for Him, instruct me in roping myself, have me blind fold myself as he has me read His rules to Him?  The anticipation of O/our skype nights is so delicious *licks lips*

Anyone wondering if a LDR can work, please let me say that i am living proof.  If W/we have a soul mate, how silly is it to assume H/he or S/she is in the same city as Y/you?  Open Y/your mind and allow fate to play a part in Y/your life - Y/you might just be taken by surprise *smiles*

That's all for now...just so elated about how far W/we've come and how much more there is to come - stay tuned!


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