Monday, January 9, 2012

Rituals and Tasks

At the end of most skype nights, SirW assigns His kitten the task(s) for the following day.  This is usually reserved for week days, with the occasional Saturday or Sunday, depending on what's going on.  i keep a file called "Dailies" for my records.  Typically, the tasks are in 2 parts:  kitten's morning 15 minute ritual (the tasks vary every time, so i never know what He will have me do) and an assignment i refer to as "Word Usage" - this consists of Him giving me 3 (or more, depending on if i misbehaved during O/our skype session or not) words to be used in 3 different conversations with a different person per word.  Sometimes the words are connected to things that took place during O/our skype session and other times, the words are random words that are very difficult to use, especially in a professional environment, like "Gorilla" or "Vibrator."  Some days, He will have me drive to work with little balls or marbles in His pussy or with nipples clamped with my favorite butterfly clamps.

This morning, my task was to play with myself in front of a full length mirror and to study my face as i get aroused all the way to climax (yes, He granted me permission to release (sometimes, He will allow play with no release, so i thought i would clarify).  He told me that He loves the way my face flushes, my nipples harden and other things, so i looked for those things...and saw them...and more.  It was amusing actually.  My eyes turn from green to grey, my nostrils flare uncontrollably, i moan as i get really close and when i finally get to the point of no return, i gasp sharply...then as i cum, His pussy pulsates and i giggle incessantly like a naughty school girl *giggles*

There are also days, where He will text me a random task to be completed right then and there or things to do on the way home, like pull into the market parking lot and make myself cum (sometimes before i shop, then after i shopped - lol).

No matter what He has me do, it gives me the greatest pleasure.  Knowing my actions are in control by Him makes it all so delicious and private between U/us.

i sincerely hope that other sub's experience the fun and excitement of daily tasks - i fucking love'em!



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