Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Growing up, i masturbated plenty.  i view it as a healthy release of pent up energy and still do it to this day (with permission, of course!).  Aside from that, i did not find myself a particularly horny person.  Sure, there were moments when i found people attractive, but it rarely lit up my horny button, so i figured i just wasn't a horny individual.  i certainly recognized the horny aura in others around me...some oozed it out their pores, but i didn't.  i kept that to myself mostly. 

Before SirW, i was married to a man that was a very good friend of mine.  i loved him, but it was the type of love i had for my grandpa (or my dog)...the non-sexual type, but like i said, i did not really possess horny feelings for others like i new some people did.  Eventually, the marriage failed and i was not that unhappy about it...i was sad that i was losing a good friend, but i felt that there should be more to a marriage than that.  From time to time, i heard that love is never enough and wondered what that meant until i felt it myself, but there it was.  That is not the reason my marriage failed, but i did justify the end with that a little.

ANYWAY, that is not what this post is about...

This post is about the here and now kitten...the one who is a horny motherfucker!

When i first laid eyes on SirW, i felt things that i did not feel in any other relationship.  i imagined extremely nasty scenarios about Him when i was alone in bed...the mere thought of Him made me as desperately horny as i had ever felt.  And the more we got to know each other, the hornier i got.  It was not long after We met that We began Our D/s relationship, so my former close-off self (dare i say prude-ish) became the most open i have ever been.  Something about Him allowed my layers to peel off...hell, they melted off with how hot He made me feel - all the time.  i just couldn't help myself and i realized that i understood what others with that horny aura felt.  And it was delicious!

Now, 2 1/2 years later, i am even hornier for Him than i was at the beginning and have to force myself to contain it.  We have 2 children and one just moved out to her first apartment, so that is partly why i contain it.  SirW's mom is visiting for a month, so i am containing it.  And i realize that when SirW comes home from work, He needs time to unwind, etc., so i contain it.  There are various reason to contain it, but let me tell you here and now, it is not easy!

He'll be sitting in the dining room on His computer with me in the living room and i will occasionally look over at Him and there it is:  my horny button - His kitten's pussy starts to pulsate and at times drip little pearls of goodness and my mind starts to think about all the nasty things We've done and want to do again right at that moment, but i contain it! *sighs*

All His kitten's openings are so delighted to be used at any time...i feel like an animal, but i contain it.  And i have never felt this way about anyone else - not movie stars or attractive bodies i see on kinky sites, etc.  i am so fucking hot for this Man, it is ridiculous!

Anyway, i was sitting here and thinking about the delicious ass-fucking i got last night and thought i would express my horniness because my mother-in-law is in the living room and i am sure she would hear the vibrator going if i went upstairs, so i am not going to call SirW and ask for permission to play/release...i AM CONTAINING IT! 

teehee :)