Friday, August 26, 2011

Lessons Learned: HONESTY

Before i explain the detail of this lesson, i must admit to some quirky weirdness within me.  i actually have many quirks, most of which i attribute to being a Virgo, which may be a cop-out, now that i have analyzed it to death *smiles*

The quirk is about colors and matching.  As Y/you may have read, Sir collared His kitten last month with a beautiful Eternity Collar.  His collar is a solid ring of silver that fits perfectly around His neck, with a silver ring hanging from that.  The first week i wore it to work, i wore it without the hanging ring to see if anyone at work would mention anything about it - this may have been my first mistake..with or without this hanging ring, His collar looks so classy and elegant that there could really be no comments about it, other than how beautiful it was, if any. 

The following week, Sir had me add the hanging ring back on and just as anticipated, not a word from anyone at work and i was happier with it on His collar, as it felt it should be.  Then this past week, Sir had me put one of His kitten tags hanging on the hanging silver ring.  This is a cute red heart with "Sir W" on it and i wore it with pride.  The fact that it did not match my outfits was not a big deal, as it was something Sir asked me to do and it pleased me to follow His wishes. 

i neglected to mention last night that my H.R. manager asked me about the kitten-tag, so i explained it to her, and the fact that i had a token made for Sir that was a gorgeous set of dog-tags (military style) with His initial on one side and mine on the other on a handsome chain that He wears around His neck as a symbol of my devotion to Him.  She thought it was sweet and that was the end of the conversation. 

Sir and i skyped as W/we normally do, but towards the end of O/our conversation, He was giving me my tasks, when i asked if He wanted me to continue wearing the kitten tag.  i told Him that it didn't really match my outfits, but that was not why i wanted to know if it could be removed.  i should have told Him what was really on my mind, which was that i liked the look without the red kitten-tag for more formal occasions and with the tag on less formal's just more elegant on its own and sassy with the tag, but that was my opinion and it should not matter, but i said it didn't match, which He stopped me and said, "You wore that all week and didn't match, why is that a factor?"  He said i was hiding behind my Virgoness and He was right.  i should have told Him the truth about my feelings on it, but instead i wrongly fumbled with a dumb ass story - why??? 

With this, Sir was disappointed in me, and so He should have been...i was disappointed in me too.  He said W/we would drop it and that if it happened again, measures would be taken.  This made me feel like i had cast a shadow of doubt over my words with Him and that's what really hurts the most.  He said, if i am not being honest about this, what else could i not be truthful about...He is right, of course and i had labored sleep over it all night.

Honesty is important in any relationship, but in O/ours, it's one of the keys to O/our success.  i am determined to have complete honesty in O/our relationship...i just hope this shadow of doubt in the back of His mind fades away and He sees my honesty in my words, thoughts and actions. 

There is a Buddhist saying that is something i have practiced all throughout my life, which goes like this: "Honim Myo" and it means, "From This Moment On" - When i have a realization of something about myself i do not like (or it is pointed out to me), i make a resolution that from the moment i feel the wrongness of my action, i change and become the person who does not do or say what ever it was that i did not like and live my life "From This Moment On" as the person i can be proud of. 

With all that being said, from my heart, i say, "i will NOT hide behind my Virgoness and will be open and honest with everything from this moment on.


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Burning Calories KINKY-STYLE!

So, the other day, Sir asked me to research how many calories one can burn with MASTURBATION, and my report was not as easy as i first thought it would be.  #1: here are so many websites that joke about this kind of thing.  2nd: the information should be based on other words proven, right?  So, who does these studies? (LOL)

After the first day of research, i found myself actually interested in the different things that burn calories, after all, one burns calories with reading a book, sitting up and sleeping even!

The following information is from websites i researched and in no way derived from my personal experience, but i will say that i am thinking about creating a brand new kinsters exercise plan (LOL)!

  KISSING: Kissing can burn around 120-325 calories an hour, or around 2-5 calories a minute. Engaging in long make-out sessions with your partner is not only good for your relationship; it is also good for your waistline. A 10 minute make-out session with your partner each morning and each evening could burn up to 100 calories a day. That’s 36,500 calories a year, or just over 10 pounds worth of weight loss. When was the last time you made out with your partner? 
(((, is that one constant kiss for an hour without a break to pee???)))

    UNDRESSING: According to an Italian professor, even undressing can burn off calories. Unclasping a bra with two hands burns 8 calories, while unclasping it with only one hand burns up 18 calories. Unclasping it with your mouth can burn 87 calories.
(((hysterical!!!  Why no mention of claspless sports bras???)))

    ORAL SEX: 15 minutes of oral sex can burn off the calories consumed in a long sip of wine. There are calories present in semen, though, so if you swallow, there are around 7 calories in a teaspoon of semen. Since the average volume of ejaculation is 1-2 teaspoons, you can expect an average of 7-14 calories per ejaculation. That will easily be burned off during the course of your lovemaking, though.
(((These are calories kitten is willing to live with damn it!!!)))

    MASTURBATION: You don’t have to have a partner to enjoy the calorie-burning effects of sex. Masturbation can burn up the calories, as well. You can lose between 100-150 calories for each act of masturbation, according to the Young People’s Reproductive and Sexual Health & Rights Organization. You can raise that amount to around 300 calories, though, through a 5 minute vigorous masturbation session, according to Japanese scientist Dr. Shukan Tokuho.

    INTERCOURSE: The average lovemaking session burns between 50 and 100 calories. Having sex 3 times a week burns 7500 calories per year. That’s the equivalent of jogging 75 miles. The more intense the sex, the more calories are burned: up to 15,000 calories annually (at a frequency of 3 times weekly). 15,000 calories equals over 4 pounds of weight loss per year!
(((That's it??? That sucks!!!)))

    ORGASM: Experts estimate that an orgasm can burn between 60-100 calories.
(((Experts???  Really???)))

OK, kitten admits she was really looking for a website that included calories burned during WHIPPING, FLOGGING, CANING, let's see...then there's Candle Wax Dripping, and i am sure there are some calories to lose by pulling a subs hair, i mean COME ON!!!

The bottom line is that there are reports out there, but no way to tell if they are fiction or based upon actual proof, so i am posting some info, but please read this with a grain of salt and know that, while calories ARE burned with being alive (LOL), the level of intensity by which one performs various acts has a huge factor on the burning of calories, so my suggestion is to do everything with serious intensity and you will not only burn more calories, you will have a blast doing it *wink*


Saturday, August 20, 2011

8 Days: The Ceremony

4am - the alarm goes off and i hop out of bed, so excited about the day.  With a song in my heart, i make my way to the kitchen to make coffee, then it's off to the shower to prepare myself (head to toe) for the special day ahead.  Clean, made up and perfumed, i emerge from the bathroom, dressed in white, with His training collar around my neck, feathers in my hair, stockings and garter in place...pour a cup of coffee for Sir and go to wake Him up.

6am - between the smell of coffee and His kitten, Sir's eyes open to a new day...not an ordinary day by any means.  As He looks into my eyes, i can feel the love and excitement for what was about to unfold...this commitment W/we've been waiting for and is now on the horizon.  As Sir gets ready, i proceed to my alter to do my morning prayers, which also included wishes for a beautiful ceremony.  He emerges dressed in black, looking more handsome than ever!

7am - O/our witness - my friend Shana - arrives, dressed in red as requested.  She and i filter through the roses purchased the previous day that consisted of red, white, pink and orange to find the perfect red rose and white rose - perfect in that they have the thorns necessary for the part of the ceremony that requires U/us to puncture O/our finger to draw blood.  The red and white roses were bound together with red and white silk ribbons, tied with a bow and the rest of the roses were tied together to make a bouquet for Shana to hold when W/we were ready to begin the ceremony.

NOTE:  Shana is someone who knows of the lifestyle and considers herself to be a "switch" and one of the only people i have been able to talk to about my submissive journey from the very beginning, so she is a respected and treasured friend that was the perfect person to be O/our witness - Sir, after meeting her could not agree more.

8am - W/we drive to the mountains to find a spot that Sir and i went to during His first visit with me back in March, but after driving around a while and not finding the exact tree (lol), W/we pull over to let Shana (who drove her own car) know that W/we could not find the exact tree W/we were looking for.  She laughed and said, "W/we're looking for a tree???"  She said, "If Y/you'll trust me and don't mind driving a bit, i will take Y/you to a beautiful spot for the ceremony that has trees (then W/we all laughed)."

9am - W/we make O/our way up the mountains so deep and high in elevation with trees that were appearing in abundance and that looked tall enough to touch the clouds, that it started to feel less like the desert i lived in and more like a forest or rocky mountains in Colorado or Canada even.  The temperature cooled off too - kitten does not like too much heat, so this was AWESOME!

10am - W/we arrive at the lodge, nature is all around U/us, trees, mountains, blue skies - it was picturesque!  By this time, W/we were hungry, so W/we decide to eat.  Then it was on to find the prefect spot to perform O/our collaring ceremony.  W/we drive a little bit to a cozy little place with some historical trees, so big, old and beautiful, W/we all knew that this was the spot, so W/we park, gather all the things needed and walk toward the two big old trees and prepare for the ceremony.

In my hand, i held the white rose.  In Sir's hand, He held the red rose.  kitten handed the bouquet to Shana.  W/we proceed to prick O/our fingers with the thorns, which did not prove to be an easy task at all.  Eventually, He drew blood on His hand, and after my unsuccessful tries, He helped draw blood on mine.  He smeared blood on His red rose, while i smeared blood on my white rose, then W/we rubbed O/our hands together to symbolize O/our eternal union.  After that, W/we proceeded with O/our vows, which i won't share, but let me tell Y/you all that they were significant and meaningful words that express O/our love and commitment to each other as Dom and sub, Man and woman, soul mates.

Now, it was time to replace His training collar with His Eternity Collar, the Collar His kitten would wear permanently.  This collar fitted perfectly and after tightening the screw that locked it securely around my neck, i was now His collared sub, kitten{SirW}.  By this time, tears had, of course streamed down my face, as this was one of the happiest times of my life. 

Then the water portion of the ceremony took place.  There were 4 cups of water.  The first cup signified Honesty...He drank from the cup, then i drank.  The second cup represented Trust...He drank, i drank.  The third cup was for Respect - He drank, i drank.  The last cup was a symbol for Obedience, which i drank all by myself!  *giggles*

This completed O/our ceremony, so with a sweet and sensual kiss and tight hug, W/we were now ready to continue O/our journey as Dom and sub, Man and woman, soul mates.  It was definitely a happy, beautiful and memorable day for A/all of U/us.

p.s.  The blood-stained red and white roses have been placed in a container that will remain safe until O/one of U/us dies, at which point a hand full of the these roses will be tossed into the grave, signifying O/our being together in O/our next life time, and for all eternity.


Sunday, August 14, 2011

8 Days: The 1st Fetish Club

The evening of Reversal D/s day (Monday, Day-2), W/we planned to go to the 1st Fetish Club (aka a sex club). kitten has never gone to a place like this, but then again, kitten has never been this open and trusting with anyone, including her ex-husband of 18 years. To the Ex, kitten was, well..not known as kitten first of all *giggles* but also as what i refer to as, "The White Picket Fence Girl."

So...Sir picks my outfit, which is basically rubber and very showy/sexy/slutty, which was very appropriate for where W/we were going. W/we arrive around 11pm and the place was virtually empty (W/we got a locker...for any clothes W/we might wish to shed), so W/we were given the grand tour of the entire huge establishment, all rooms on each level. Some of the rooms were for couples only, some were made up so that others could watch. There were Voyeur rooms, the Golden Shower Room, the Hot Tub, the Bar, the Lounge with Pool Tables, and of course, The Dungeon. *smiles*

Then, since the place was relatively empty, W/we went down a few doors to a Bar to have a beer and chill for a moment to take in what W/we had just seen.

When W/we first re-entered, can Y/you guess where W/we went first? You got it: The Dungeon! kitten racked up 300 spankings over the course of 4 months, so it was time to administer them, and while some were administered Sunday night, there were still plenty left. Upon entering the Dungeon, kitten was told to undress and i did this without hesitation, which covers 2 of His rules right there! *chuckles* Sir cuffs me to the Saint Andrew's Cross and begins to administer His corrections. Mind Y/you, this is a public Dungeon and others were lurking and watching U/us. This only further excited B/both of U/us and made U/us very frisky, shall W/we say?

After that, W/we walked around a bit...i have nothing but His collar on at this point, but i do not care, as i trust my Dom unconditionally and this was His wish, so i walked with the greatest confidence for a good performance! It made me very happy that this pleased Him.

W/we attempted to take a dip in the hot tub, but the water was way too would have burned His...well, it would have burned Him. *eyes widen*

Then, it was off to the couple only area, where W/we first sat on the couch and made out in the presence of other couples that were making out. It was thrilling! Then, W/we made O/our way to a U-shaped nook with a leather bed and pillows shaped like roses (and a box of tissue - LOL). This nook was a nook in a line of about 10 nooks, all open, so W/we could all hear what the other was doing, if Y/you catch my drift. *grins evilly* As W/we get lost in E/each O/other's bodies, and i moan (not softly either), W/we hear another girl being pounded hard, and she is moaning too! This is something that kitten really liked and i am sure the other couple was fueled as well.

After that, W/we go to the non-alcoholic bar for a drink or two, W/we feel like W/we've had O/our fill and decide to go home, after was about 3 or 4 in the morning! *cackles*
This experience was totally amazing and will never be forgotten! It brought U/us closer together, allowing O/our bond of trust to further solidify. i highly recommend doing this at least once!

Stay tuned to read more about O/our glorious 8 Days...


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

8 Days: Reverse D/s Day

One of the many things that SirW and i did during O/our 8 days together, was have a Reverse D/s day.  Please note: Neither of U/us are Switches – i am ALL sub and He is ALL Dom, but He suggested W/we do this in order to try to better appreciate what the other goes through in their respective role. 
So, it was Monday and O/our Collaring ceremony took place the day before (Sunday), so His kitten now permanently wore a beautiful Eternity Collar that locks (He and i each have a key).  kitten also got SirW a token specially made, so He could wear something to remind Him of His kitten.  Yes, the Eternity Collar signifies my being owned by Him, but the token He wears signifies His being mine in a non-ownership way (LOL).  i did not give Him His token during O/our Collaring ceremony, as i was waiting to do it during O/our agreed upon D/s Reversal Day, which was to start on Monday at noon.
Here came Monday and W/we had so much fun the night before…all the way until 3 or 4 in the morning actually *smiles*   W/we were hungry for E/eachO/other, but W/we also had to consume food (LOL).  So, W/we decide to go to breakfast around the corner to O/our favorite place.
The moment noon came, i asked Him if He knew what time it was…
He looked at His watch and said, it’s noon kitten…
I said, you mean it’s noon, Mistress?  Then, he smiled and said, “Yes, it’s noon, my Mistress.”  I said, “Very good, My pet!”  (For this section of writing, Y/you, the reader might notice that I (Kitten) may write myself with CAPS and he (non-capped) for purposes of drama *giggles*
It was at this time that I removed the token from My neck and handed it to him to put on.  It’s a handsome silver chain with 2 silver handcrafted dog tags, one large, one small – both had a Capital “S” on one side, with a lower case “k” on the other.  I wanted something that would rest near His heart that would sometimes make a clinking sound.  It was also appropriate, as He is a military Man, a disciplined Man.
W/we soon finished O/our meal and walked up to the register to pay, where I gave his gorgeous ass a slap...or was it My ass, as he was My pet?! *giggles*
Soon after O/our arrival to My apartment, I had him sit in submissive position, where I pegged his nipples (before I pegged them, I had him wet them in his mouth, as he has had me do on occasion).  Immediately, his eyes widened in terror, as his nipples are so sensitive, but I knew this and did not plan to leave them pegged for long….
To make a long story short, he was such a good sub *laughs* and obeyed his Mistress so well.  But after a few hours of this, I felt the need to end the role reversal, thus becoming His sub, His kitten, His pet once again.
The details of exactly what happened during this time are not things i will share, as they are delicate and special and quite significant to U/us.  W/we B/both learned a great deal from this unusual event and will treasure it for all times.
The important thing was that W/we E/each had an opportunity to feel what O/our counterpart feels and goes through.  It brought about a new understanding and also, an appreciation of the roles W/we have chosen…or have the roles chosen U/us?!
W/we do not know if W/we will ever do this again…not sure W/we really want to, but it was an awesome experience – i recommend others try it at least once, just for the knowledge and appreciation portion of it.
Truthfully, when W/we went back to O/our respective roles, i felt a sense of relief and more myself than before the exercise.  kitten gained a deeper sense of self and appreciation for all that SirW does: His words, His thoughts and His actions all reflect in His Domination of me, His loyal sub, His kitten.
Lastly, i would just like to report that i feel a tremendous amount of growth as His submissive as a result of O/our being together for these 8 days and will share more in time - stay tuned *wink*