Wednesday, August 10, 2011

8 Days: Reverse D/s Day

One of the many things that SirW and i did during O/our 8 days together, was have a Reverse D/s day.  Please note: Neither of U/us are Switches – i am ALL sub and He is ALL Dom, but He suggested W/we do this in order to try to better appreciate what the other goes through in their respective role. 
So, it was Monday and O/our Collaring ceremony took place the day before (Sunday), so His kitten now permanently wore a beautiful Eternity Collar that locks (He and i each have a key).  kitten also got SirW a token specially made, so He could wear something to remind Him of His kitten.  Yes, the Eternity Collar signifies my being owned by Him, but the token He wears signifies His being mine in a non-ownership way (LOL).  i did not give Him His token during O/our Collaring ceremony, as i was waiting to do it during O/our agreed upon D/s Reversal Day, which was to start on Monday at noon.
Here came Monday and W/we had so much fun the night before…all the way until 3 or 4 in the morning actually *smiles*   W/we were hungry for E/eachO/other, but W/we also had to consume food (LOL).  So, W/we decide to go to breakfast around the corner to O/our favorite place.
The moment noon came, i asked Him if He knew what time it was…
He looked at His watch and said, it’s noon kitten…
I said, you mean it’s noon, Mistress?  Then, he smiled and said, “Yes, it’s noon, my Mistress.”  I said, “Very good, My pet!”  (For this section of writing, Y/you, the reader might notice that I (Kitten) may write myself with CAPS and he (non-capped) for purposes of drama *giggles*
It was at this time that I removed the token from My neck and handed it to him to put on.  It’s a handsome silver chain with 2 silver handcrafted dog tags, one large, one small – both had a Capital “S” on one side, with a lower case “k” on the other.  I wanted something that would rest near His heart that would sometimes make a clinking sound.  It was also appropriate, as He is a military Man, a disciplined Man.
W/we soon finished O/our meal and walked up to the register to pay, where I gave his gorgeous ass a slap...or was it My ass, as he was My pet?! *giggles*
Soon after O/our arrival to My apartment, I had him sit in submissive position, where I pegged his nipples (before I pegged them, I had him wet them in his mouth, as he has had me do on occasion).  Immediately, his eyes widened in terror, as his nipples are so sensitive, but I knew this and did not plan to leave them pegged for long….
To make a long story short, he was such a good sub *laughs* and obeyed his Mistress so well.  But after a few hours of this, I felt the need to end the role reversal, thus becoming His sub, His kitten, His pet once again.
The details of exactly what happened during this time are not things i will share, as they are delicate and special and quite significant to U/us.  W/we B/both learned a great deal from this unusual event and will treasure it for all times.
The important thing was that W/we E/each had an opportunity to feel what O/our counterpart feels and goes through.  It brought about a new understanding and also, an appreciation of the roles W/we have chosen…or have the roles chosen U/us?!
W/we do not know if W/we will ever do this again…not sure W/we really want to, but it was an awesome experience – i recommend others try it at least once, just for the knowledge and appreciation portion of it.
Truthfully, when W/we went back to O/our respective roles, i felt a sense of relief and more myself than before the exercise.  kitten gained a deeper sense of self and appreciation for all that SirW does: His words, His thoughts and His actions all reflect in His Domination of me, His loyal sub, His kitten.
Lastly, i would just like to report that i feel a tremendous amount of growth as His submissive as a result of O/our being together for these 8 days and will share more in time - stay tuned *wink*



  1. What a tremendous growing experience for you both.

  2. Sounds like it was everything you hoped for. My guess is that you are still floating!

  3. That must have been a huge experience and a wonderful opportunity to really "see" things from a different perspective.

    I'm new to your blog, and am enjoying it very much. BTW, I LOVE your collar! Gorgeous!