Sunday, August 14, 2011

8 Days: The 1st Fetish Club

The evening of Reversal D/s day (Monday, Day-2), W/we planned to go to the 1st Fetish Club (aka a sex club). kitten has never gone to a place like this, but then again, kitten has never been this open and trusting with anyone, including her ex-husband of 18 years. To the Ex, kitten was, well..not known as kitten first of all *giggles* but also as what i refer to as, "The White Picket Fence Girl."

So...Sir picks my outfit, which is basically rubber and very showy/sexy/slutty, which was very appropriate for where W/we were going. W/we arrive around 11pm and the place was virtually empty (W/we got a locker...for any clothes W/we might wish to shed), so W/we were given the grand tour of the entire huge establishment, all rooms on each level. Some of the rooms were for couples only, some were made up so that others could watch. There were Voyeur rooms, the Golden Shower Room, the Hot Tub, the Bar, the Lounge with Pool Tables, and of course, The Dungeon. *smiles*

Then, since the place was relatively empty, W/we went down a few doors to a Bar to have a beer and chill for a moment to take in what W/we had just seen.

When W/we first re-entered, can Y/you guess where W/we went first? You got it: The Dungeon! kitten racked up 300 spankings over the course of 4 months, so it was time to administer them, and while some were administered Sunday night, there were still plenty left. Upon entering the Dungeon, kitten was told to undress and i did this without hesitation, which covers 2 of His rules right there! *chuckles* Sir cuffs me to the Saint Andrew's Cross and begins to administer His corrections. Mind Y/you, this is a public Dungeon and others were lurking and watching U/us. This only further excited B/both of U/us and made U/us very frisky, shall W/we say?

After that, W/we walked around a bit...i have nothing but His collar on at this point, but i do not care, as i trust my Dom unconditionally and this was His wish, so i walked with the greatest confidence for a good performance! It made me very happy that this pleased Him.

W/we attempted to take a dip in the hot tub, but the water was way too would have burned His...well, it would have burned Him. *eyes widen*

Then, it was off to the couple only area, where W/we first sat on the couch and made out in the presence of other couples that were making out. It was thrilling! Then, W/we made O/our way to a U-shaped nook with a leather bed and pillows shaped like roses (and a box of tissue - LOL). This nook was a nook in a line of about 10 nooks, all open, so W/we could all hear what the other was doing, if Y/you catch my drift. *grins evilly* As W/we get lost in E/each O/other's bodies, and i moan (not softly either), W/we hear another girl being pounded hard, and she is moaning too! This is something that kitten really liked and i am sure the other couple was fueled as well.

After that, W/we go to the non-alcoholic bar for a drink or two, W/we feel like W/we've had O/our fill and decide to go home, after was about 3 or 4 in the morning! *cackles*
This experience was totally amazing and will never be forgotten! It brought U/us closer together, allowing O/our bond of trust to further solidify. i highly recommend doing this at least once!

Stay tuned to read more about O/our glorious 8 Days...



  1. Love the picture, so beautiful!!

    So the white picket fence girl, mmmm, 18 yrs of marriage, interesting. I am sure somewhere in your blog it explains what happened to alter your life, I would love to know more.

    I have never been to a sex club, but have always been curious. You were so brave and must have felt so protected to go with your Dom. You are so lucky to have such a wonderful man in your life and I can't wait to hear more about the 8 days of wonder!

    Happy Sunday :) also a big fan of kitten

  2. Thanks to sbf, i decided to create a secondary blog entitled, "White Picket Fence Girl." You can visit this blog via a page tab at the top of kitten for Sir's blog.

    It will be a series of stories that explains "me" from the time i was born, all the way up to present day and all transformations that occurred in my life and how i eventually became kitten for Sir - i hope Y/you all enjoy it!

  3. I've thought about going to a place like this, but it sounded so... horrifying. Not the place in general, but being exposed, and public like that. It sounded thrilling, however!