Saturday, August 20, 2011

8 Days: The Ceremony

4am - the alarm goes off and i hop out of bed, so excited about the day.  With a song in my heart, i make my way to the kitchen to make coffee, then it's off to the shower to prepare myself (head to toe) for the special day ahead.  Clean, made up and perfumed, i emerge from the bathroom, dressed in white, with His training collar around my neck, feathers in my hair, stockings and garter in place...pour a cup of coffee for Sir and go to wake Him up.

6am - between the smell of coffee and His kitten, Sir's eyes open to a new day...not an ordinary day by any means.  As He looks into my eyes, i can feel the love and excitement for what was about to unfold...this commitment W/we've been waiting for and is now on the horizon.  As Sir gets ready, i proceed to my alter to do my morning prayers, which also included wishes for a beautiful ceremony.  He emerges dressed in black, looking more handsome than ever!

7am - O/our witness - my friend Shana - arrives, dressed in red as requested.  She and i filter through the roses purchased the previous day that consisted of red, white, pink and orange to find the perfect red rose and white rose - perfect in that they have the thorns necessary for the part of the ceremony that requires U/us to puncture O/our finger to draw blood.  The red and white roses were bound together with red and white silk ribbons, tied with a bow and the rest of the roses were tied together to make a bouquet for Shana to hold when W/we were ready to begin the ceremony.

NOTE:  Shana is someone who knows of the lifestyle and considers herself to be a "switch" and one of the only people i have been able to talk to about my submissive journey from the very beginning, so she is a respected and treasured friend that was the perfect person to be O/our witness - Sir, after meeting her could not agree more.

8am - W/we drive to the mountains to find a spot that Sir and i went to during His first visit with me back in March, but after driving around a while and not finding the exact tree (lol), W/we pull over to let Shana (who drove her own car) know that W/we could not find the exact tree W/we were looking for.  She laughed and said, "W/we're looking for a tree???"  She said, "If Y/you'll trust me and don't mind driving a bit, i will take Y/you to a beautiful spot for the ceremony that has trees (then W/we all laughed)."

9am - W/we make O/our way up the mountains so deep and high in elevation with trees that were appearing in abundance and that looked tall enough to touch the clouds, that it started to feel less like the desert i lived in and more like a forest or rocky mountains in Colorado or Canada even.  The temperature cooled off too - kitten does not like too much heat, so this was AWESOME!

10am - W/we arrive at the lodge, nature is all around U/us, trees, mountains, blue skies - it was picturesque!  By this time, W/we were hungry, so W/we decide to eat.  Then it was on to find the prefect spot to perform O/our collaring ceremony.  W/we drive a little bit to a cozy little place with some historical trees, so big, old and beautiful, W/we all knew that this was the spot, so W/we park, gather all the things needed and walk toward the two big old trees and prepare for the ceremony.

In my hand, i held the white rose.  In Sir's hand, He held the red rose.  kitten handed the bouquet to Shana.  W/we proceed to prick O/our fingers with the thorns, which did not prove to be an easy task at all.  Eventually, He drew blood on His hand, and after my unsuccessful tries, He helped draw blood on mine.  He smeared blood on His red rose, while i smeared blood on my white rose, then W/we rubbed O/our hands together to symbolize O/our eternal union.  After that, W/we proceeded with O/our vows, which i won't share, but let me tell Y/you all that they were significant and meaningful words that express O/our love and commitment to each other as Dom and sub, Man and woman, soul mates.

Now, it was time to replace His training collar with His Eternity Collar, the Collar His kitten would wear permanently.  This collar fitted perfectly and after tightening the screw that locked it securely around my neck, i was now His collared sub, kitten{SirW}.  By this time, tears had, of course streamed down my face, as this was one of the happiest times of my life. 

Then the water portion of the ceremony took place.  There were 4 cups of water.  The first cup signified Honesty...He drank from the cup, then i drank.  The second cup represented Trust...He drank, i drank.  The third cup was for Respect - He drank, i drank.  The last cup was a symbol for Obedience, which i drank all by myself!  *giggles*

This completed O/our ceremony, so with a sweet and sensual kiss and tight hug, W/we were now ready to continue O/our journey as Dom and sub, Man and woman, soul mates.  It was definitely a happy, beautiful and memorable day for A/all of U/us.

p.s.  The blood-stained red and white roses have been placed in a container that will remain safe until O/one of U/us dies, at which point a hand full of the these roses will be tossed into the grave, signifying O/our being together in O/our next life time, and for all eternity.



  1. wonderful! Congratulations!!

  2. Congratulations!


  3. Congratulations! Your ceremony sounded very meaningful and lovely.

  4. Congratulations that was so beautiful!!
    So happy for you both :)

  5. Congrats..what a perfect ceremony! abby