Sunday, November 18, 2012

Cause & Effect & D/s

There are times we ask the universe, "Why?" Why did this happen or why hasn''t this happened? The thing about Cause & Effect is that in most cases, we do not see the link from one to the other, so all the things that happen in our lives, while are the result of the past causes we've made, are effects from the past, possibly even a past life (karma chain), if you believe in reincarnation. Since there is no actual proof of what happens to us after we die, many people live there lives differently.

Some live it without guilt and fear of consequences and create negative fortune in their lives and wonder why bad things happen to them. Remember now, Causes are Words, Thoughts and Actions and we might be surprised to know all the negative things people think and do not say, but even if no one hears it, it's a cause.

Some live it by doing the right thing when ever possible, helping others, going above and beyond the norm to make an impact on the world or at least, their immediate environment, making as many good causes as possible. There will always be slip-ups, where negativity manifests its ugly head, but for the most part, people that live this way generally live a peaceful life.

Some live it by making good causes but meet obstacle after obstacle and struggle continuously...why it that? Again, the effects we see now are the result of past causes and for this reason, if someone lives their life creating value every day but are met with adversity, the causes were made in their past life.

Fortunately, we have the opportunity to create value right now, every day, thereby setting up positive effects for our future, as well as future life, if it exists.

Since there is no actual proof of a next existance after this one, we are given the choice of how we want to live. So what feels better? Doing the right thing or the wrong thing? Well, in most cases doing the wrong thing might have immediate gratification, but bad for karma. Doing the right thing might not feel so good up front, but I find that the fortune eventually catches up and beneficial effects are inevitable.

We are not forced to believe in the law of Cause and Effect, nor are we forced to believe in the law of Gravity, but hey...every time I throw and apple up into the air, it falls back down, so I do not need to believe in it, it just existgs as one of the laws of the universe. The same can be said of Cause and Effect.
So if you are one who keeps making good causes and are constantly met with obstacles and struggles, keep on keeping on, for it will catch up!

A friend once told me that when we are standing still, we do not feel the wind as much as when we are moving forward - then the wind (resistance) is felt...but it means we are moving forward, so keep going, never give up hope that your current situation will change. Just as Winter never fails to turn into Spring, your causes will manifest into effects and the fortune built will manifest too. can this be related to BDSM?

My BDSM relationship started out as a in the US, my Dom in Canada. In every relationship, you need to have trust, but when it comes to a D/s LDR, it is up to you to be honest, respectful, trustworthy and obedient. When my Dom set forth His rules for me to follow, i followed them. If i played with myself without asking, i admitted it and asked for punishment, because one of His rules is i will ask first...another is to tell Him when i need to be punished and why. Would He have known if i did not tell Him? No. That is where 'Cause and Effect' comes into play. Just because no one sees a cause - if it is made, an effect is attached to it.

Remember: words, thoughts and actions are all causes. It is very hard to have always have positive words, thoughts and actions because We are human...all We can do it try Our best to say, think and do the right thing.

Keep in mind, when you are faced with a situation where your emotions want to react negatively, you have a choice. The things others do and say is their karma...Our reaction is what will affect Our karma.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Our Lovely Community

i entered this lifestyle about 22 months ago.  i have met people with many different kinks.  There is however, a common thread that connects Us all on a mutual level.  We are people who are brave enough to step outside of the comfort zone box that society tries to place Us in and We support without judging each other.  It's like a kink club that binds Us as a type of family that understands Our alternate life choices.

i for one have had the pleasure to meet loads of people, both in Las Vegas and in Ottawa within Our lifestyle that have encouraged me and allowed me to support them in return.  i have learned so much through my experiences at BDSM clubs, BDSM websites, Adult Toy Stores and human interaction.  i have seen things i never thought i would see and am proud of who i am in this community, as well as in society as a whole.

i have had the great fortune to have been chosen to assist/volunteer for special events and am so grateful for these opportunities.  Not only does it give me a chance to practice my skills, it allows me to learn new things and take the load off those that are put in charge of these events.  i want to encourage more people to reach out to others for opportunities to volunteer within Our community - it is quite rewarding!

Lastly, i wish to thank all those that have been a part of my growth as a submissive.  To my phenomenal Dom, SirW:  i am honoured to serve & love You.  To my fellow submissives, thank you all for sharing your knowledge with me.  To the Dom's and Master's of the community, thank You for all the time and energy You spend being a great Dom/Master to your sub/slave and the rest of the people in the community who have the pleasure of learning and growing because of You.

Thank Y/You A/all for all the things Y/you do to support Our awesome community!