Thursday, August 14, 2014

Phase 2!

So, let's recap, shall we?

I met SirW accidentally on line.  We dated over skype and very few visits for 6 months, then He collared me.  One year later, I moved to Canada and we were married.  This year, We celebrated Our 3/2 (3 years collared/2 years marriage) and couldn't be happier!

We based the decision for me to move to Canada on His children not being fully grown and my wanting the opportunity to taste motherhood and the fact that He had a long-time career that He planned to retire from in the not too distant future.

Well, 2 years later, both kids have graduated high school, have jobs and are living successfully outside Our home, so We downsized!  We found the perfect apartment with breathtaking views and all the amenities We wanted.  

His retirement is in a few years, then who knows where life will take Us.  All i know is i am exactly where i want to my dreams.


Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Neurotic kitten?

Perhaps living life to the fullest, making it count as if there was no promise of tomorrow comes as a double-edge sword...

There are moments...not many of them (thankfully), where i...hmmm: i probably need to start further back...hang on...OK, here it is:

Today, for example, i had a pretty awesome day at work, got home with more energy than i expected and sat and enjoyed an afternoon movie - so relaxing!

Then, i get a box taped and start packing (We're moving in 9 days!)...wait...I need to go further back, damn it (Sorry)  OK, here it is:

So my move to Canada was phase 1 of our journey together.  Phase 2 would happen after both kids graduate high school, work and live successfully outside our home.  This has happened (yey!). 

We are now about to downsize (Phase 2) into a gorgeous apartment on the top floor with a river view to die for, sunken living room, underground parking (bye bye shoveling and scraping), indoor and outdoor pools, jacuzzi, a complete gym, sauna - it's a slice of heaven and We will be there in 9 days!  Thus the packing :)

Now then, so i turned the music on and danced and packed and danced and packed. Then i incorporated the making of dinner into the mix - i was feeling fantastic...until...i look at the clock and it's a tad later then usual with no call/text to say He was on His way.

i call and leave a message at work.  i call and leave a message on His cell.  Why am i hyperventilating?

It's that moment i hate...the sick feeling in the pit of my stomach when for a split second, i think something has happened to Him and it begins to pick at me internally.

That's why, each time these feelings creep in, when eventually He walks through the door, i run to Him and hug Him tight, so grateful to have even just one more day with Him.  That's why, when ever We part to go to work, etc., i repeat, "i love You!" (a little too often perhaps).

Anywhooo, He just texted to say He was in a meeting, so i just let out a sigh of relief :)

Just being real with some pretty negative feelings - feels good to get it off my chest!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Not Dead!

WOW, it's been a while since my last post...Master thought it a good idea to let You All know that i am very much still alive and well :)  Sorry i have not had any entries for a while!

Everything is going unbelievably well and there are plenty of stories to share, but i need to reflect a bit and get into the mood to write, so hang tight for'em :)

i really just wanted You to know i am not dead *giggles*