Monday, January 21, 2013

Nearly 2 years ago...

It all started nearly two years ago (January 27th)...

...i was living in the desert headed for a divorce after a 19 year relationship/marriage.  i was separated and NOT looking for a relationship whatsoever and i knew absolutely nothing about BDSM...i was a white-picket-fence girl and felt happy to be on my own with a chance to understand who i was in my 40's after getting married in my 20's and being a "we" for so long.  i began to live in the moment and not think about the future of my love life...if i found someone, fine...if not, i was fine with that too.

Then one day, i posted a picture of a hot young blond on Facebook, asking my friends if they thought her hairstyle would be good for me.  i got plenty of positive responses, along with a "like" from someone i did not know.  As it turned out, the friend we had in common was someone i played World of Warcraft with for quite some time, a sweet gal and her husband who had a baby and lived in Canada, so i took a look at the person who clicked the "like" button and saw a very attractive man.
i debated for a while, but decided to message this Canadian guy to tell him that he clicked on a picture of a hot young blond and that it was not me and that i could be her mother (very sassy, i was).  He responded by stating he knew it was not me and admitted that he looked at my photos and found me to be quite attractive as well.  Well!  i wasn't sure what to say to that ~giggles~ but we sent messages back and forth for hours and i really liked the fact that it was an intelligent adult conversation that had little to nothing to do with sex.  It was refreshing actually.

The next day, i contacted the friend we had in common to let her know i was chatting with her friend, but she cut me off to tell me he had already contacted her to say the same thing - funny and exciting i thought.

Long story short:

We skyped every night for hours and by the end of the 1st week, we had talked about BDSM.  He had me research more about being submissive to see if i felt a connection with the description and it was odd, but i really did.  By the end of the 2nd week, i had a set of rules he established for me and filled out a BDSM checklist and was already receiving training (via skype) on how to rope myself, torture my nipples and so much was strangely exhilarating!

We skyped every night for hours...talking, laughing, reading books, playing scrabble, cooking dinners in the kitchen and sitting down to candle light dinners, sometimes with his kids, but mostly just us.  During the day, we would text and email each other - he was a very active Dom and gave me daily assignments and tasks to be completed and it kept me extremely focused on my submission.
After 2 months of this, He came to visit me and my heart skipped a beat.  He was already one of the most handsome Men i had ever seen, but in person, HOLY SHYTE, He was drop dead almost made me uncomfortable ~smiles~

He or i visited each other here or there, which happened every 2 to 4 months and again, skyped every night for hours. 

He collared me on Our 6 months anniversary.

We married one year later (on Our actual collaring day: July 24th), just after i moved to Canada where i live with Him (and His 2 children) now.

i have more friends than i have ever had in my whole life.  The distance i have with my family has made them appreciate me (and i them) much more than before, now that we cannot pop over for a visit, but i like the new-found attitude we have for each other.  My old friends and old co-workers keep in touch via Facebook and phone calls and skype.  The BDSM community has made me feel so welcome and included that my heart is touched - Our social calendar is so full, it's ridiculous.

The Man of my dreams...the one with all the things you never thought you could have in one person, pales in comparison to SirW.  He and i have the most amazing relationship - it's as though We were together in many previous lifetimes and found each other again.

Did i leave my family, friends, job, apartment, sell my car and belongings to start a new life with Him as His wife and submissive?  Yes.  Do i have any regrets?  No.  Am i the happiest i have ever been?  Without a doubt. 

i thought i was happy...then i found Him and true joy has been spilling out of my pores ever since.

Can a LDR relationship work?  For me it absolutely did.

Monday, January 14, 2013

It was late

It was late, We were tired, the lights were turned off.

In the dark, He leaned over and kissed my mouth and ran His hand over my body.

The light was turned on and nipple clamps were clamped to my nipples and fastened to the headboard, the lights were turned out.  "Good night, kitten" He said and turned away onto His side.

He turns back and His hand touches His pussy.  "You are wet kitten, why is that?"  He said and began to kiss my mouth again.

He then finds His way to His pussy and teases me with His mouth and tongue and i squirm with delight.

He reaches up and pulls the clamps off without taking His mouth off His pussy and i squirm harder.

He sits up and pulls me to His cock and i suck feverishly with passion.

He pushes me onto my back and plunges His cock into His pussy and pounds me fast, then slow, then He pulls my mouth back onto His cock He fucks my mouth.

He pushes me back onto my back and fucks His very wet pussy and i whisper, "Master...may i cum please?"

He pushes into me and gently whispers into my ear, "No kitten, you will not cum tonight.

He pulls out of me, pulls my mouth onto His cock and fucks my mouth until He explodes deep within my throat.

He falls to bed and fast asleep.  i lie awake, frustrated most of the night until i finally succumb to sleep completely exhausted body and mind.