Monday, January 14, 2013

It was late

It was late, We were tired, the lights were turned off.

In the dark, He leaned over and kissed my mouth and ran His hand over my body.

The light was turned on and nipple clamps were clamped to my nipples and fastened to the headboard, the lights were turned out.  "Good night, kitten" He said and turned away onto His side.

He turns back and His hand touches His pussy.  "You are wet kitten, why is that?"  He said and began to kiss my mouth again.

He then finds His way to His pussy and teases me with His mouth and tongue and i squirm with delight.

He reaches up and pulls the clamps off without taking His mouth off His pussy and i squirm harder.

He sits up and pulls me to His cock and i suck feverishly with passion.

He pushes me onto my back and plunges His cock into His pussy and pounds me fast, then slow, then He pulls my mouth back onto His cock He fucks my mouth.

He pushes me back onto my back and fucks His very wet pussy and i whisper, "Master...may i cum please?"

He pushes into me and gently whispers into my ear, "No kitten, you will not cum tonight.

He pulls out of me, pulls my mouth onto His cock and fucks my mouth until He explodes deep within my throat.

He falls to bed and fast asleep.  i lie awake, frustrated most of the night until i finally succumb to sleep completely exhausted body and mind.

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