Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Yours, mind body and soul

i want to make slow passionate love with You...when time is not a factor and We can simply fold into each other slowly, like baking a cake from scratch, with care and joy.  Where no one exists but Us...no phones, no Internet, no television, no family or friends ...just Us, as if We were on a deserted island. 

i want Us to be able to stimulate every part of Our bodies, from head to toe and everything in between, taking Our sweet time with no goal in mind and with no end in sight.  i want to exhaust all the energy We have until nothing is left and We are drenched in sweat, hearts pumping hard and minds unfocused on anything but each moment of Our love and lust.

i want to laugh with You and see the lines in Your face and the huge smile You have when We are being silly together.  I want to walk along the shore and breathe fresh salty air and pig out on Our favorite food together.

i want to cry for You...to feel pain administered by You and feel pleasure from the pain.  i want to feel the sting of each blow and tremble with the whispers that You give me with Your hot breath on my neck.  i want to melt with You and float into subspace as though on a cloud. 

i am Yours, mind body and soul and cherish all the memories We have made and am titillated by the thought of all the memories We have yet to create.

Thank You for today and all past days You've shared with me...each sunrise i wake with You is a day i will surrender and though the wind blows and clouds drift across the sky, i will always be Your little butterfly.