Sunday, January 8, 2012

He brings me so much

The way the ropes feel against my wrists and ankles as they are stretched away from my body into an "X" shape.  The blind fold, which heightens my sense of smell and hearing.  The anticipation of what will happen next during O/our scene.  The crack of His whip against my skin.  The falls of His various floggers that slap on all areas of my body.  The gag that makes my saliva build.  The burn of wax that drips all over me.  The pain with the different clamps and pegs that squeeze His nipples.  The electric sensations i feel from the Violet Wand.  The sting of His paddles and the smack of His cane on His ass.  The way His pussy drips from the pulling of my hair and His kiss.  His touch to see if i'm wet.  His whispers in my ear.  The way my body shivers in coldness and my teeth chatter after a while.  The warm blanket and caresses, as He sits me in front of the fire place to bring me back.  The look in His eyes that says how satisfying O/our interaction is, both vanilla and D/s.  The way His eyes light up with His laugh.  The intense stare when i play with myself for Him.  The groans He makes when He fucks His submissive slut in all His openings.  The delicious taste of Him when He feeds His kitten.  How i long for His Domination.  How i yearn to see His face and hear His voice.  How i absolutely need to please Him.  The feeling i get when i am in submissive position and He says nothing for a while.  The butterflies that are in my gut right before i get of the plane to see Him.  The numbness i feel when one of U/us leaves.  The excitement from completing one of His tasks.  Snuggling on the couch as W/we watch movies for hours.  Waking up next to Him.  His kiss on my shoulder in the morning.  The way He drums on the steering wheel when W/we drive places.  The tender way He takes care of His cats.  The strength He has when dealing with His struggles.  The romantic ideas He comes up with to make beautiful memories together.  The times when He brushes or runs His fingers through my hair.  His energy and stamina, which never seems to run out.  The way He needs His coffee at all hours of the day.  The way He makes me laugh.  The way He sees my body.  The way He enjoys my mind and playfulness and even my bratty times.  The safety i feel knowing He is taking care of me.  The love i feel for Him.  The love i feel from Him. 

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  1. You are both so lucky to have found each other.