Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Wise Man said

A young girl once asked a wise Man, “Sir, how will i know when i’ve found the perfect Man for me?”

The wise Man said, “Ahhh…I see you are in love.  But you are so young, how do you know you will not fall in love with another?  What is it about this Man you love?  Is He handsome?  Does he have a great job?  Is He rich?  Does He drive a nice car and own a beautiful home?  What if the One you love has some of these qualities and down the road, another comes and possess more of these qualities?  What if 10 Men all have most of these qualities…would you fall in love with A/all of them?

My suggestion is to take away all these qualities away and look at the qualities you cannot see, such as His nature, His heart, His kindness, His spirit, His patience, His selflessness, His nurturing side, His emotional support, His passion, His honor, His pride, His temper, His compassion towards others, His respect of you & others.  Look at all the qualities that have nothing to do with what He has, but what He is and ask yourself if this is the One you truly love without all the outer materialistic qualities.

When i first heard this story, i was so touched that i began to cry...then i did just as the wise Man asked and learned something that day…

…i wholeheartedly love SirW for who He is.  He is everything to me in every way, and it is my lot in life to be everything to Him for the rest of my time with Him, however long that may be.  One never knows how long W/we have on this Earth or when the One W/we love dies (or it is O/our time to die), so it is important to live life to the fullest and treat those Y/you love as though it is Y/your (or Their) last day on Earth with them.

Sir, You have captured me completely: my heart and soul and just want You to know how happy i have been since You entered my life.  If this were my last day on Earth, please know that You have made my life complete.

Always & Forever yours,



  1. Happy Anniversary Love.
    This Thorn is still nothing without you the rose.
    I love you kitten.
    xoxoxoxo Sir W

  2. Your love for each other jumps off the computer screen.


  3. Loved this post. Great anecdote!