Tuesday, January 24, 2012


...is probably the best way to describe how kitten is feeling these days…
Last week, SirW and i talked about how, somewhere along the course of a LDR, the need to be together full-time becomes overwhelming and comes to a head, so to speak.  Though I’ve wanted to be with SirW pretty much 11 months ago (LOL), W/we talked about the individual circumstances that W/we each had that required O/our attention and decided W/we would take things slow. 
On Friday, SirW and i will be celebrating O/our being together for 1 year, truly the best year of my life!  W/we are so much in love…as Man and woman, Dom and sub, Soul M/mates.  The things that W/we were going through in the beginning of O/our relationship have become things that are behind U/us now, and as O/our lives work their way towards a bright future, the reasons for not closing the gap between U/us starts to fade away.
As i have said before, if home is where the heart is, then my home is in Canada…
…and so, a decision has been made:
i am honored and delighted to tell E/everyone that by this time next year, SirW and i will finally be together – kitten is moving to Canada!!!


  1. Oh you are going to have to much material for your blog after the big move. :D

  2. Oh wow! Congratulations! I agree with Kara marie. I look forward to reading as you make that transition!