Friday, April 26, 2013

i woke up today...

i woke up today and the yearning began.  i could not wait to be in Your arms feel Your mouth on mine, Our tongues dancing with each other.  i spent the day longing for You as though We had just met and You were thousands of miles away, yet You were merely at work and i was just being silly.  But the desire would not cease spinning within me, images of You caressing me, stroking my hair, running Your hand along my curves, intoxication filling Us.

You called to say You were on Your way home and i felt a sense of relief pour over me, as though i wasn't sure life would return You to me.  i am not sure why these feelings have washed through me, but they have awakened in me, a woman who will cherish You for the rest of my days, each day, as though it were my last.  i love You.

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