Tuesday, April 30, 2013

New Protocol

i recognize that i am lucky to have a Master who uses active Domination.  By active Domination, i mean that the exchange between Us is constantly moving/breathing.  i have come to realize that I will always be in training, learning and incorporating new things into Our relationship and love it.  The power exchange within Our relationship is so beautiful - it is exactly what works for Us.  i must say that I am totally amazed at how much energy and planning goes into making Our dynamic what it is.  Every relationship takes effort and i do my best to do my part as His submissive - seeing all that He does to keep things fresh and fun drives me to do everything possible to make His life as beautiful as He makes mine.

All the protocols that make up Our dynamics are so wonderful to me, no matter how long I have been doing them because they are important to Him.  i love the fact that We are always evolving though... 

Just the other day, He added a new protocol.  It is not a difficult one, but it makes me so happy to see the look in His eyes when i do it.  The new protocol is, when i bring Him something, it is offered with both hands.  Simple, but when He takes the item, He gives me a look of gratitude and pride...this look melts me!

~smiles sweetly~

Nothing major to report here, just that i am filled with so much appreciation for all He does (words, thoughts and actions) in order to take such great care of His kitten.

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  1. Very nice post kitten. I like the "both hands" thing.