Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The little things

My typical week day usually starts with me getting up, arranging SirW's shaving accoutrements on the washroom counter, making coffee and bringing a cup back to His nightstand.  i wait for the alarm to go off, then i gently caress (little tickles, scratches and massages) His back and neck for a few minutes until He wakes up.  Then We go downstairs and He catches up on His social networks, etc. as i prepare lunch for Him (and Our son).  Eventually, they both leave (for work and school) and i am left to be a homemaker.  i make sure the house is relatively clean and that dinner is prepared...the rest of the day is spent in leisure...sometimes i read, go to Facebook or Fetlife and look around, blog here or exercise (a walk or bike ride).  This is the way it is until my resident paperwork comes in and allows me to work.

Anyway, this blog is not really about all that - it's about this:

Some days, SirW will say, "lie back down kitten, We can take care of Ourselves today...you rest."

This morning was one of those days, but it was so much more beautiful than just being able to sleep in...

The alarm went off and SirW rolled over and whispered to me that i could rest while He and Our son handled things themselves.  My body relaxed, but before i could drift off to sleep, i felt His fingers trace all the features of my face: my forehead, eyes, nose, cheekbones, chin, ears, neck.  i knew He was looking at me, even though my eyes were closed.  i cold feel Him cherish me and it made me feel phenomenal. 

So many people allow the daily routines to dictate not having time to cherish each other - always in a hurry to rush rush rush out the door to work, then hurry hurry hurry to eat dinner and go do do do...sometimes it's nice to slow down and take a minute to appreciate the beautiful things life has afforded Us.  From each other, to nature, to food and to Our friends.  It's the little things that seem to mean so much these days :)

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