Wednesday, May 29, 2013

i started living...

i started living when i started loving You...

i am sitting here, 2am and can't sleep.  i felt a head cold coming on all day.  i totally went downhill this evening and We did go to bed, but i woke up a while ago, took some meds, made some tea, took a hot steam shower and just started thinking about my life. 

i pulled up Facebook and then it popped into my head...the quote from C. S. Lewis - one of my favorite quotes actually, "You see we are like blocks of stone out of which the sculptor carves the forms of men. The blows of his chisel which hurt us so much with are what makes us perfect."  It's from Shadowlands, so i looked on Youtube to see if i could find a clip and i of the lines was, "i started living when i started loving You" and i totally identified with it, so i thought i would document it, so here it is:

i started living when i started loving You...

A love like Ours is rare and hard to adequately describe, but there are moments when one hears a quote that comes close to how they feel.  The above quote (taken from the movie "Shadowlands") is truly how i feel about SirW...i really started living when i started loving Him.  Before Him, i merely existed.  i thought i was happy, then i found happiness with Him.

Don't get me wrong, no one is responsible for my one can make another happy...happiness comes from within, but it is my time with Him that have been the happiest times of life.  i have lived an extraordinary life from the time i was born and it all lead me to Him, to Canada, to the life i am blessed to have at this moment.  i cherish it all.  i am fulfilled.

good night :)

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  1. Ooo I hope you feel better!!!

    I am so looking forward to meeting you! :D