Friday, December 11, 2015

Busy little kitten

WOW it's been a while since my last post, but let me assure you I've been busy!

If you thought that getting married to SirW would slow down our participation within our BDSM community, think again...

Here's what We have going on:

MOSH - Once a month, forty or so 'kinksters' get together - there's usually a theme that is educational or a live entertainment segment.

SLOSH(s) -
  • Slosh West (anywhere between five to fifty 'kinsters' show up and have for over 9 years) meets every Wednesday at a local pub.  We attend one per month usually.
  • Slosh East (anywhere between twenty-five to seventy-five 'kinksters') meets at a local pub twice a month.  We attend one per month typically.
  • SirW attends the DSG (Dominant Support Group) once a month.
  • I try to attend the SSG (s-type Support Group) once a month.
  • SirW is one of the Chief DM's and I am a certified/qualified DM within our community.  We offer to support our community via ensuring safety at BDSM events at various clubs around town.  There are numerous clubs hosting these events that We attend and/or DM at sometimes once or twice a month and sometimes not so many (Winter, etc.)
  • House Parties!  Due to our consistent social interaction with so many people, we get invited to a ton of private parties - I enjoy these a ton because you get to know people more than you would at a club scene.
TOY & CLOTHING Sales/Swaps - We have a few friends that make BDSM goods that participate at the annual events such as ML (Mr. Leather) and We support a few local Adult stores that are BDSM/Kink-friendly

Now then, because there are dozens of people we see on a regular basis, there are LOADS of vanilla events We get invited to as well.  Here's where We really get to know our fellow kinksters.  Great conversations and good old fashioned fun and games (Cards Against Humanity sometimes makes its way to the table) with laughter and warm camaraderie.  There could be ten or so parties throughout the year.

PLAY TIME! - SirW and I are pretty focused people when it comes to DMing.  The concentration required to DM usually does not have me wanting to play at that event...there is an occasional time where We will though.  However, We make time to play at home :)

DELIVERIES! - SirW never ceases to surprise me.  I never know when I'm going to get a call from the post man telling me I have a package to sign for.  He is always getting fun BDSM toys and or sexy stockings and other wonderful things for me.  I stopped opening the packages in the elevator to avoid the shock and horror on my neighbor's faces :)

I guess what I am trying to say is that Our life is full, but balanced and happy.

***cheers and happy new years***


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  1. I was just thinking about you! Glad to know all is well!