Saturday, November 16, 2013

Take it Black

i’m gonna drink a cup of coffee.   

Normally i like a little coffee with my cream-n-sugar, but there are moments, when i’m out in the world, doing my thing, and i feel the need to connect with You, so i’m gonna drink a cup of coffee.  Hot Black coffee.  i’m gonna take it black because You like Yours black and it makes me think of You.  

This is me, drinking You in.  And let me tell ya Baby, it’s practically intoxicating.  i have to hold back a moan as the first sip trickles down my throat.  The warmth carries through my body and my nipples bud.  

So yes, when We’re out together, You’ll see me with a cup of fully loaded coffee, but when i am on my own, at times, I take it black.

You asked me this morning if i wanted some coffee.  i told You we were out of cream, so no thank You.

Then You left the house...

Guess what i am drinking as i write this note?


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