Friday, December 9, 2011

Infected kitten

Nice title, right?

OK, to get all vanilla and personal, i have been really sick and am finally pulling out of it.  Long story short, i had 4 infections: Sinus, Bladder, Urinary and most serious Kidney.  This had kitten completely not in control of my energy, and over all body health.  Now, i like to give up control, but not like this! lol  Anyway, with antibiotics and a ton of bed rest, i am just about myself again *cheers*

The interesting part is that i had to call my safe word for the time i was sick - SirW would have called it anyway, but i called it first thing.  Part of me was sad i had to use it, but it had to be used.  i also had to take off His Eternity Collar...i had ct scans and besides that, SirW wanted me to rest as comfortably as possible with no restraints on my neck, etc.  i did not like going day to day without His Collar, but i did it for my health.

During my time trying to recover, SirW took care of my spiritual side, assuring me everything would return to normal soon, to hang in there and be strong through the rough times, reminding me that it was always darkest before dawn.  His nurturing care felt so calming and sent me off to bed each night with hope that the next day i'd be one day closer to good health...and here i am *smiles*

i am excited to get back to my submissive training and O/our kinky moments W/we love sharing so much, which should be Sunday, where the safe word shall be lifted!

What else, OH YEAH:  i am flying to see SirW for 10 days for Christmas and New will be a white Christmas, in more ways than one! *giggles* (sorry, i could not resist that)

Anyway, this kitten wants to wish Y/you A/all the very best health and a safe and happy Christmas and New Year.  May next year turn E/every O/one's dreams and fantasies into reality!


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  1. Hello Kitten,

    Hello kitten,

    I really hope your wishes, which are also mine, come true!

    Happy Christmas and New Year for you!!!