Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Greatest Joy

Growing up, i was raised by a single Mom, along with the assistance of my grandparents - between them all, i had a great childhood and have grown into a well-balanced adult.  When my Mom and Dad got married, they made a vow to each other and obviously, that vow was broken somewhere prior to the divorce, eh? 

i was married myself from my 20's to my 40's (almost 16 years) and then We divorced due to the vows being broken.  Why are vows made and broken so easily i asked myself.  What happened to discipline, compassion and restraint?  When things are good, the vows are easier to uphold?  This was something i thought about during the last 5 years of my broken marriage and i decided that it had to be karma.

i grew up trying to do the right thing all the time, but i am human and not perfect and slip here and there.  Whether O/one believes in 'Cause & Effect' or not, it exists, like gravity.  So i decided that somewhere in my past, or even a past life, i made some causes that manifested into the negative things that have occurred in my present life and have tried to make as many good causes each day of my life and will continue to do so for the sake of my present, my future, as well as a next life, if that exists (who really knows)...

Then there are the good things in my life that are sooooo good that it can only be explained again, by karma.  i know i must have saved a life or many lives in my last lifetime, because to have found love with SirW is the most extraordinary benefit that i cherish.  He makes the Man of my dreams pale in His comparison in every way.  Every day for the last 11 months, He has shown me the best that a Man can be.  The most amazing Father, Son, Cousin, Lover and it is hard to keep this to myself, for He brings me such joy, such pleasure, such peace that if i were to keep it bottled up inside, i might burst.

SirW has not only been the most incredible partner, He has also been the most amazing Dom.  He thinks about me in the things He does, the things He plans, His life, His future and i do the same...i give Him everything i have: mind, body, heart and soul.  There's nothing i wouldn't do for Him.  But the real test was this past 2, going on 3 weeks now during the toughest time of my health life...i got very ill and O/our safe word was invoked until my health returned.  At first, i was too sick to worry about how this would affect O/our relationship, for i did not know how long it would take me to recover.  Day by day, His love and support is what helped me to stay calm and keep hope alive.  He is my rock.

At O/our collaring ceremony in July, W/we verbalized O/our vows.  His vows made me cry, because He vowed to always take care of me in sickness and in health...and He meant it.  Finally the One who believes in what He says...and He loves me, WOW...i am still stunned after all this time, and each day i wake, i still get butterflies at the thought of Him.  No matter what life presents, the struggles, the joys, i could not be happier knowing SirW and i are partners in vanilla and BDSM...the greatest joy i have ever known.



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  1. Absolute trust in another person is sublime. I'm sorry that you were so sick, but glad you found out you can absolutely trust Sir W.