Friday, September 9, 2011


For those of Y/you that don’t believe in LOVE at 1ST SIGHT, i don’t either.  i believe that O/one must get to know the person on the inside before truly falling in love…LUST at 1ST SIGHT, maybe *giggles*
This blog is about how quickly i knew SIrW was the One i had been waiting for my whole life.  The Man of my dreams pales in comparison to the man of my reality: SirW *smiles*
W/we met on January 27th of this year via Facebook…it was an accident actually, but because W/we have a couple of friends in common, He was able to click “like” on something i posted…and i was able to send Him a message – kitten would normally not be as bold as i was, but something inside me told me that i needed to send Him a message.  Messages flew back and forth for hours that 1st day. 
Day two, we used a communication program known as Ventrilo to talk to each other.  His voice melted me…it was a combination Canadian/Scottish accent and it drove me crazy!  Later, i learned that my voice drove Him crazy too *smiles*
On day 3, W/we switched to SKYPE – this is when W/we could see that the pictures on Facebook were not lying – WOW, what a total babe was my thought and by the end of that 1st night, i was clearly wet and wanting more of this Man.  W/we pretty much from the start talked about D/s and the journey began.
W/we were able to really be O/ourselves, show O/our emotions and feel the relationship starting to become much more than either of U/us had been looking for.  And, if kitten is being totally honest, i fell in love with Him on Day 3.  It goes against anything i imagined when finding the One, but i cannot deny what i felt…and still feel, only 1000 times deeper.
The love W/we share is based on respect, honesty, trust and (on my part) obedience.  Aside from my being His devoted sub and He my commanding Dom, W/we are a Gentleman and a Lady and have the best times in B/both Vanilla and Non-Vanilla moments that are not exactly separate from each other…i am always in submission to Him, but W/we don’t always involve kink or training…sometimes W/we just chill, enjoying E/eachother as two people that love being together.  There have been moments when W/we just hang out in E/eachothers arms or drive without words, splash around in the pool – normal vanilla activities.  Sometimes, W/we are all about training: He is an active Dom that spends a lot of time and energy planning things to help me grow and deepen my submission to Him – daily tasks, different types of training such as nipple play, orgasm control, rope bondage, candle wax play, gags, blind folds and much, much more.
I guess what i am getting at is, W/we have a well-balanced mixture of ingredients that make up a beautiful relationship.  The most important key to O/our success is the communication W/we have always had.  He has visited His kitten twice now, but it’s my turn to travel to Him, see His children and friends face to face and soak in the traditions and foods of His country.
Bottom line…kitten has not been this happy in my whole life.  The feeling of intense love, lust, longing, yearning, respect, inspiration, joy and satisfaction that He brings me is phenomenal!  He is extraordinary and makes me feel extraordinary too.  i am grateful to love and be loved by Him and just wanted to share the beauty of it all with Y/you, for it is a love story that i only thought happened in the movies or in novels…
For those of Y/you that are searching for Y/your true love, never give up hope:
To truly love another, one must love thyself first - To give thyself to another, one must own thyself first - we are all a work in progress, but every step of the way, our flaws make us uniquely perfect - treasure yourself and others will too
Wishing Y/you A/all well,

--kitten {SirW}


  1. Thank toughie sharing your story, kitten. I met my lovely Master online too. I'm so blessed that He lives closeny though.

    I can imagine how excited you must be, going to visit Him and his friends and family.

    I'm so happy for you both.

    Take care, Sky

  2. Thanks for sharing that wonderful story. I met my Master online also, but did not even know I wanted a! How exciting to be going to visit on His territory...Enjoy!