Thursday, September 22, 2011

Back from Canada!

Ahhh...what a glorious time kitten had in Canada with SirW!  W/we did so many things, both vanilla and non-vanilla and created the best memories that i cherish and think about now that i am back in the states.  

i won't go into full detail of everything, but may i mention that His dungeon is pretty awesome and not even done yet! He trained His kitten for several hours one day (used all the toys: floggers, paddles, crops, bamboo, feathers, vibrators, and the mother of all toys: the Hitatchi Magic Wand...HOLY CRAP!!!  and towards the end, my whole body started to shiver (i was blindfolded for a lot of it)...i asked Him if i could use the bathroom real quick and He said, in a minute kitten and a few seconds later, hot wax dripped all over (slowly) my breasts and it was so SO good!  

W/we made passionate love for hours and He took His kitten in every way possible and i loved every single moment!  W/we also went to a Slosh and i met some of His peers - it was so great!  W/we did a lot of hot-tubbing and driving around town to meet various friends, etc.  W/we walked the Market boulevard, ate Beavertails (yum!) and He bought me my first toque :)

i have not been as diligent in my blogging as of late, but as soon as i gain my balance again, i will get back to some consistency :)  

Hope A/all of Y/you are getting Y/your KINK on and living life to the fullest!


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  1. sounds like you have a great time - im glad and happy for you :)