Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Meow Meow!

First, let me start off by saying that Sir and i have so many beautiful memories W/we've created together, B/both Vanilla and Non-Vanilla, on skype and in person.  Some nights, W/we train, other nights, W/we just talk and laugh...then on some nights...W/we kick it up a notch!

A couple of nights ago, SirW said, "kitten: tomorrow, i would like a strip-tease show from you.  Feel free to use any props, clothes and choose 3 different songs to dance to."

kitten does not have experience stripping, but saw this as an opportunity to create a memory that could last a life time, so i decided to really get into it!  i first did some research about strip-tease dancing and did not care for most of the videos, as they were too raunchy, with poles and what not - just not me!

i worked all day, but did research in between each project and by the end of the day, i had some good ideas - off to the Halloween store for some costume ideas *smiles* i looked at the belly dancer costume, the harem costume, the Jeanie in a bottle costume and just did not feel them...

Then, it hit me:  i am kitten...why would i not dress the part? *wink* So, i got the ears (not soft material, but beautiful hard-plastic black ears with light pink feathers on the inside.  a bright black and pink wig, a light pink fluffy boa, a satin neck choker with pink diamond stud and a black feathery tail that went perfectly with my body suit made of black fishnet circles...make up done just right and the look was prrrrrfect!

Then, when it came down to the music, i picked 2 Pussycat themed songs (Tom Jones has a great one, another was an Egyptian tune that had the words Meow Meow throughout the song)...and for the last song, it was an authentic Arabic belly dancing song...

SirW seemed to really enjoy the entire production, so much so that next week, kitten has been invited to visit Him in His country!  *prrrrrrrrrr*

Let the Count Down begin!




  1. way to go much braver than way could i do a strip tease - and awesome costume :) well done.

  2. Sounds like a great show, can we catch it on youtube, lol!

  3. How purrrfect, lol!


    P.S. Love the costume and songs!

  4. Great inspiration. Love the costume! I didn't realize you both weren't in the same country. I just figured you were far away!