Thursday, October 20, 2011

Sometimes i feel...

What can i say...things are going great, BUT...

i have to admit that there are moments that my heart gets stressed...lemme explain:

SirW is the most amazing Person.  He is an extraordinary Man with His children, His job, His Mom and other family members, and of course, me.  He has a well-balanced life.  He is smart, funny, loving, attentive, always communicates, treats me like a lady, loves me like i have never been loved before.  He Dominates me so amazes me how He has the time and energy to manage all that He does and still make me feel like i am everything to Him.  i could not be happier with Oour relationship Wwe've built together over the almost 9 months.  i am not just saying that either...He satisfies every need and want i could have...

i know there are things in every relationship that are not perfect.

Oour thing is that Wwe are long distance and that is the only thing that is not perfect in the whole beautiful relationship.  And i really should not complain...i mean, He and i do visit every so often and skype just about every night, text every day, email all the time.  He and i are an incredible balance for each other.  Wwe really are in the best, most healthiest relationship Wwe have ever been in, believe me when i say that i want to grow old with this Man!

i know i need to be thankful for what Wwe have, for it is more than a blessing to have a match such as Oours and i am, i really am, but i sometimes feel such a hard pull to be near Him, to smell His scent, to hold hands, snuggle, sleep next to Him and hear Him breathe, drive and take walks with Him, be trained in person by Him, experience the aftercare when Wwe train, and more than that, i just need Him.  my feelings went from want to need a long time ago and i know He feels the same way.  

i do not know how or when Wwe will finally be free to be with each other on a daily basis and i am not writing this to add any pressure, as i know He reads my blogs too, but i want to express how strong my feelings are, so that i can release them into the universe and not hold on to them.  

So...until the day comes when Wwe are able to remove the distance from the equation, i will continue to cherish everything He is and brings to my life, which is enhanced beyond my wildest dreams.

Sir: if You are reading this: i know You know all these things i have said, but please know in Your heart, that i am a strong and happy kitten and know that one day, the universe will bring Uus together, so there is no need to ever worry about it being too hard on me, for i would much rather have what Wwe have than be without You *smiles bright with eyes*


  1. very touching and i pray taht the universe will bring you both together - thank you for sharing this :) love and big hugs kiwi xxxx
    its a very poignant post to read after i just posted about the thorn in my side and it reminded me to be grateful and thankful for what i have too - thank you :) xxx

  2. Daddy and I were apart except for short visits for 9 months. I can appreciate your feelings. Good luck with getting to be together with W!


  3. What a lovely way to release those your feelings to the universe rather than hold in to them as so many do.
    I hope you are brought together soon.
    Hugs :)