Sunday, October 9, 2011

Pleasing Sir

A yummy smell entered SirW's nostrils as His eyes opened, and there stood His kitten with a tray in her hands, filled with yummy goodness (Eggs, bacon and home-made oatmeal cookies as big as He had ever seen...2 with raisins in the middle to represent nipples and 2 without, as she was unsure He liked raisins, to nourish her Dom.

"Breakfast in bed, Sir", said His kitten as she smiled bright with her eyes.  "Do You need anything before You eat breakfast, my Love?"  Sitting up with surprise in His eyes said, "I do need to use the washroom, but I'll be right back: this looks and smells delicious!"

Upon SirW's return, he asked, "What is the special occasion, kitten?"  kitten smiled and said, "Every day is a special occasion Sir, for it means that i have another opportunity to serve You Sir."  She placed the tray on the bed as He sat down and started eating the goodies, moaning with approval at the yummy food she made.  "Sir, today, kitten would like to pamper You and give You pleasure beyond all previous pleasure, if You would permit it", she said.  "Of course kitten, that would please Me very much."

As He continued to pick at the food, she walked towards the door of the bedroom and said, "i shall return in just a moment, Sir."  A few minutes later, she returned with many sheer scarfs tucked all around her belly, her face covered as well, but the scarf was so sheer that her face could be seen through it...then the music began to play...Arabian music, and she began to dance a sensual strip tease as He ate His breakfast.  In certain places in the song, she would clink the symbols on her fingers in each hand and hold poses in very provocative positions as she looked deeply into His eyes.  SirW's eyes told her that He was pleased and becoming very aroused with each pause she gave.  Soon, He was finished with everything on the tray and sat back to relax as His kitten continued to move her hips and arms in a very flowing way until the music came to an end. 

SirW smiled and said, "That was amazing kitten, simply wonderful."  kitten, who was on the floor, crawled over to SirW and began to kiss His feet lovingly, as she started to rub His calves and knees.  kitten was naked, but had another tray nearby with essential oils and toys she wanted to use for this mornings pleasuring of her Dom.  kitten grabbed the edible honey massage oil and squirted a small amount on her hand and rubbed her hands together and then started to rub all over SirW's body.  "Please relax and lay down with Your eyes closed and let Your mind run free, Sir."  If You would permit me, kitten would like to put a blind fold on You so that Your other senses become heightened.  Intrigued, He agreed and the soft blindfold was placed gently over His eyes.  He then laid flat on the bed and waited with anticipation and excitement.

The next thing He felt was kittens hands return to His calves...but then, a second set of hands gently began to massage His left hand, then another pair of hands began to massage His right hand.  SirW's heart began to race with wonder at who the other hands belonged to.  "Sir...the other hands belong to two women that i hired just to help me with this mornings pleasure.  The blindfold will allow You to use Your imagination as to what they look like and what not, as they will not speak the entire time they are with U/us.  With their assistance, i will hopefully take Your body and mind to a paradise where You can free Yourself from the normal day-to-day existence and far from reality.  Today, reality becomes more like a dream, a fantasy realized, Sir."

"Sir, please take stand up for a moment,"  kitten placed a few soft towels on the bed and then gently returned SirW to a relaxed position.  "i have placed some towels underneath You, as things might get a little 'wet' from here on out", said kitten.
The next thing SirW felt was kitten's lips on His lips, kissing ever so passionately, as she stroked His hair and lightly scraped His scalp with her fingernails.  After a few minutes of the kissing, another set of hands started massaging His thighs, and yet another set of hands started massaging His balls.  SirW moaned with all this happening at the same time, and this seemed to go on for quite a while, making His cock so very hard.  Next, the warmth of a mouth began to grace SirW's cock and as the sucking motion of this mouth went up and down on His throbbing cock, warm liquid began to spill from the mouth down His hard shaft.  This was called 'hot tea' He remembered from a conversation He and kitten had a while back.  The sensation was almost too much for Him to handle without releasing, but He showed restraint and enjoyed all that was going on.

After a while, SirW's moans began to get louder and louder, which was a signal of His getting very close to coming, so kitten called out, "OK ladies, thank you for your services, but it's time for you to go now."  With that call, all hands and mouths stopped what they were doing.  SirW heard the two women leave and the door close behind them.  "Ahh, my Love, You look so relaxed and happy there, but all this has made Your kitten so incredibly horny." kitten giggled like a schoolgirl and then said, "kitten would like to ride Your hard cock, Sir, but i want to do it 'reverse cowgirl' style, Sir."  He smiled and said nothing and with that, she climbed on top of Him and directed His throbbing cock into His wet pussy and began to rock back and forth, which drove SirW crazy with lust.  It was at that time that He felt a wet slender object, smaller than a pinkie finger touch the rosebud of His ass hole.  At first, His ass was tense, but it soon relaxed as the object slid into it and began to gently rock in and out, in motion with His cock rocking in and out of His pussy.  "How does that feel, Sir?"  "Fucking awesome kitten, absolutely unbelievable!"  "Good, that was my aim, Sir."

kitten could tell that SirW was getting very close to coming, but she wanted to prolong this moment, so she slid both the object and herself out and off of Him.  Then she turned around and, still on top of Him, began to suck His neck and shoulder blades and led down to His stomach and hips and finally down to His aching cock, where she lingered, using both her mouth and hands to bring SirW close to orgasm once again, but when she felt He again was getting close, she backed off and said, "Sir, would You now take Your kitten's ass and fuck it hard and come inside it please?"  He did not have to be asked twice, for within seconds, He was on His knees on the bed and she was on all fours, when He entered His ass, His hands gripped tightly on her hips, as He plunged in and out aggressively and in a fast paced motion.  After a minute of this, He, still blindfolded, could feel that she turned on a vibrator and brought it to His pussy which in turn made His cock vibrate as He fucked her ass like an animal.  As He moaned loudly, she moaned loudly and she knew it would not be long before He could stand it any longer, needing to release His hot seed deep within His ass.  kitten's moans became screams of total pleasure, when she asked Him, "Sir, may kitten come with You as You come in Your ass please?"  SirW was engrossed in the fucking of His ass, but managed to say, "Oh kitten, you feel so good, i am going to explode inside you and want you to come when i do, but not before, don't you dare come before me!"

As He fucked His ass hard and fast, He said, "On the count of three, you will come, kitten...One!"  A minute of fucking continued, when He said, "Two!"  Another minute of fucking and them B/both moaning, when He said, "Threeeeeee!"  He yelled - no He roared His orgasm out, like a lion taking what was rightfully His, and at the same time, kitten screamed a high-pitched squeal, signalling her releasing one of the hardest orgasms she had ever felt.  This went on for a few moments, until they B/both came over and over and finally fell, exhausted to the bed.  He took the blindfold off, snuggled so close to His kitten and said, "kitten, you are an amazing creature and I love you so much...thank you for an unforgettable memory."  kitten smiled and meowed, "Sir, this is just the beginning."  Then they fell to sleep and slept all afternoon in each others arms...


  1. Beautiful, just beautiful...sigh :)

  2. What a wonderful little kitten you are!