Friday, October 28, 2011

Hand in hand

With every new dawn, 
each breath i take is Yours
Is it possible that, 
with the feelings that swim though my veins
i could increase and intensify them 
with the setting of each Sun?

As i walk through the twists of fate, 
my heart runs to Yours
How can it be, that Oour souls, 
that have long been Oone
have been drawn together, 
as if no land were between Uus?

As day turns into night, 
the yearning fills me completely,
but it is not sadness that i taste, 
it is gratitude to the stars
that aligned the day Wwe found each other 
and the past began again.

i thought my heart was full, 
but my love for You grows and my life expands,
every day enhanced knowing the time draws near 
when Wwe will come together
and walk the Earth hand in hand,  
Oour existence entwined in unity.

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