Tuesday, March 20, 2012


i know SirW’s not Super-Human, but it sure feels like it!
The thing is, no matter what is going on in my life, i never feel alone in it.  He is not here to solve my problems – that is not healthy in my opinion.  But He is ALWAYS here for me.  There are moments that i am hard on myself and emotional and when i try to apologize to Him for it, he tells me he loves every part of me, including my emotional side.  He listens to me…really listens and if i am being unreasonable, He will put me in my place, which i also count on and love about Him.  Day or night, if i need Him, He is a text or call away and that soothes me.  Though i can take care of myself, as far as my day to day living and making ends meet, my family, work, friends, religion, etc.,  He takes care of me, not my things: me.
Never before have i felt such an amazing sense of unity with Another.  We are two in body, but one in heart and it makes for a happy kitten!   
Counting down until His visit in April:::   Meow!

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